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Teachings by Rav Sha'ul

The New Covenant
of Yahweh with Yahshua the Messiah

The True Names of The Creator and The Messiah

The True Messiah of Israel

Was The Messiah "God" or 100% a man?

Was The Messiah like me?

The Role of The Messiah - The signatory of The New Covenant

Our responsibilities within The Yahshuaic Covenant

Grace, Liberty, and The Law of Yahweh

Theoretical Theology

The First and Second Coming

The Kingdom of Yahweh

The Keys to understanding the Kingdom of Yahweh

The Kingdom of Yahweh Defined

The Citizens of the Kingdom of Yahweh

The Constitution of The Kingdom of Yahweh

The Days of Celebration in The Kingdom of Yahweh

Yahshua the Messiah - Melchezidek and The Passover Lamb

The Law and His Commandments... Abolished?

General Doctrine

A Guide to keeping the Sabbath

The Wedding Ceremony

Hesus Horus Krishna
The False Messiah Jesus Christ

Christianity the Great Deception

How Christianity was created

The Name "Jesus"

The Abomination of Desolation

The False Messiah is known by pagan holidays

The Pagan Trinity

The Mystery Religion

How the Mystery Religion was created

The fall of the angelic realm and the origin of sun worship

The Zodiac - corrupted by fallen Angels

What is the Zodiac and what is its message?

Messianic Videos

The Biblical Hebrew Calendar

We are living in the Almighty's universe. The world in which we live is synchronized to His calendar and His time clock. Whether we recognize it or not makes no difference. The Creator does not spin the world based on what we do and do not understand.  Keep The Festivals of Yahweh according to His Calendar.

Click on the calendar for the current month, the dates for this year's feasts, or to order the calendar in print.


Rev 15:3-4
And they sing the song of Moses the servant of YHWH, and the song of the Lamb"
Song of Moses: Deut. 32

Sha'ul at the Pentagon, Sept. 11, 2001

"If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember you, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy." (Psalm 137:5,6)

The Spiritual Jew
by Dan Love

Table of Contents

Transgression of YHWHs Torah
Cause of Great Tribulation

Transgression of Desolation vs. Abomination of Desolation

Isaiah 24: 1-6

The Earth is polluted by its inhabitants - They have committed the Transgression of Desolation (transgressed the Torah, changed the Holy Feasts to Christopagan Holidays, and broken the Everlasting Covenant  of the Sabbath changing it to the pagan Sunday) - Therefore the Curse found in the Torah devours the whole Earth, the inhabitants of Earth will be burned up,and few men left.

Daniel 8:12

12And the host [God's people] was given [to Satan] together with the continual (defense provided by Michael the Archangelbecause of the Transgression of Desolation [of God's people--their abounding irreverence, ungodliness, lack of piety, and transgression of His Feast, Torah, and Sabbath]

Apocrypha and Current Discoveries

The Torah

  • Torah Cycle - And He Assembled - Building the final Temple

  • Torah Cycle - Accounts Of - The Fading Glory/Removing the Veil

  • Torah Cycle - And He Called - The Sacrificial Lamb of YHVH

  • Torah Cycle - Command - The consecration of High Priest


The Free Book Shelf
Books by Rav Sha'ul

Access to this book has been removed temporatily...
Abstract is an introduction to the following books in the Original Revelation Series.  In this abstract I introduce the real Messiah and the "Antichrist" Jesus. H. Christ. False Messiah is identified and The Abomination of Desolation is clearly defined.

What is Original Revelation from God to man through His Creation? How did that message "written in the stars" become corrupt and who is responsible? This book restores that original message for all mankind.

What is it that The Bible identifies as the religion of the beast that had its beginning in Babylon and continues to this day as the largest religion on Earth? This book clearly identifies and defines the religion born in Babylon.

This book compares Christianity to The Mystery Religion of Babylon and explores the Roman based religion and identifies which god it serves by its rituals and beliefs.

In this book l explore the meaning behind the baptism of Yahshua and explain why it is critical to the Plan of YHVH. That Plan is to purchase His Elect's salvation from the curse of death levied by the decrees in The Law. This Plan of Salvation is expressly laid out in prophecy from Genesis to Revelation. It is given to us in the physical examples of the priesthood, the sacrifices, and detailed in rehearsals or physical metaphors found in The Torah.

In this book I detail the reality of Covenant Theology and dispel the myth of Replacement Theology. I demonstrate the progression of revelation as YHVH reveals His Kingdom to His sons through covenants. I establish in scripture the reality of The Law going back to creation and the transposition of His Kingdom from the Mind of YHVH to mankind orally. Then from orally to written in stone. Then from written in stone to the final transposition in Spirit. I define all aspects of the Kingdom of YHVH in light of its transposition to Spirit. I cover the law, temple, alter, priesthood, sacrifices, initiation/Mikveh, sons of God, resurrection, and much more.

In this book I clearly define the 7th and final covenant between YHVH and humanity The Yahshuaic Covenant. I address many false doctrines of the Christian Church and establish sound doctrinal truths concerning who Yahshua was and is and what our responsibilities are within The Yahshuaic Covenant.

I am currently writing this book.  Stay tuned.  This book will deal directly and completely with The Law of Yahweh.  I will explain the place of The Law in each of our lives, in The Yahshuaic Covenant, and in the coming Kingdom of Yahweh.

Response to Original Revelation Series

My life has been saved by the ministry of Rav Shaul and his books. The truth is found here. Truth so powerful to save the soul! Rav Shaul is the most patient and available teachers I've ever met. He is a shepherd. He devotes individual time and teaching to each person who messages him with questions. I believe Rav Shaul is a modern-day Elijah.....Zakayah Perkins


"I would like to thank you for all the in-depth and extensive study and research you have done. I too have had Yahweh teach me that what is being taught in the christian church is not correct. I also have learned (not through the teaching of man) about the lack of the true Sabbath, false trinity, false rapture, false teaching of jesus and much more.  May His blessings be even stronger upon your life? Your new friend and family member" ... David


“Hello Rav Sha'ul! You teach the truth. The first time I read your website last year I nearly had a panic attack and a total paradigm shift so I decided to ignore it and I was not yet able to receive the truth, but after another year of research and with the direction of YHWH I was led back to your website which is not a coincidence because I consciously avoided it and blocked it from my mind for a year. I praise Yahweh for that but I wanted to thank you as well for teaching the truth”… Alex Brayboy


“Hey Rabbi! Your books on the Original Revelation series are outstanding,  just remarkable!  They taught me alot. I have been following the Sabbath for 7 years you guys are awesome"  Anthony Larson


Shalom! I am a Notsri like yourself and I just need some clarity as I am being taught, groomed and prepared. When we say keeping the Law, does that mean the 613 laws or is it the Ten Commandments and the Festivals?  Thank You" ... Neviyah Yisraelyah


“I Need to know if I do away with my modern English Hellenized Bible translation and get a Torah? We have been deceived by the great pagan way. Help is needed now!" ... Bill from NJ


“I am ready to learn the proper way." ... Brendon Saunders


“May this find you, your family, and loved ones in good health and growing in Grace & Knowledge.  Each Friday I teach on our Jewish Roots and have found your works to be a blessing upon blessings. In Kingdom Services" ... Bruce K Fitzgerald


“Really enjoying your website and so thankful to learn more of REAL Truth. So grateful to find Yahweh, considering I once was involved in the deception of Christianity" ... Callie Longnecker


“WOW!!!  My name is Charlette Viljoen, I was searching and came upon your sight of where sus in Latin means pig/swine.  Before I read your info. I have already found out that Jesus in Greek is Hail Zeus & have not prayed in the name of Jesus anymore nor Christ, as I have found that it is the name of Chrito Hellios that is a Greek god.  Then I came on your sight, it shocked me. As it is so sad to think that Y'shua's name to be changed and defiled like that. Thank you for not being ashamed of the truth & making it possible for me to come to know the truth." ... Charlette Viljoen


“My name is Daniel. I recently came across your website, and I am very intrigued. I was raised “Christian" and I as I get older I am starting to open my eyes and see through a lot of things that are pagan and having nothing to do with god being associated with “Christianity". I guess I’m contacting you to ask for help. I don’t know what to believe, although nothing can ever erase my sound belief in the one god YHWH and our savior  yahshua, I don’t know what bible to read, what other doctrines to study. . I feel like a lost sheep. If there is any info you can give me to help steer me in the right direction please do." ... Daniel Alvarez


“Hello, My name is DaRome Jones and I had a few questions for you. First I wanted to thank you for the info on your site. Even though I don't agree with you on everything, I agree with about 98% of what you have on your site, I found your site to be a great resource." ... DaRome Jones


“Hi Rav Sha’ul, First, WOW! I just read through your very detailed Statement of Faith, and all I have to say is Wow! I love it! I am an Israelite who just became a believer about three years ago.  I would love to spend time with you to learn from you.  Again, I have a hunger to learn the truth and only the truth. I know what you state is very controversial.  Thank you for your website. " ... Don Snoll


“Really appreciate your input, your website, and your books my friend and I was more than happy to share them with others.  Your friendship is very valuable on many levels." ... .Doug Mann


"Hello Rav Sha'ul, I believe I was led to your site by the Holy Spirit.  I am amazed to find out we share all the same beliefs; I thought it was just a few of us that see Yahweh's plan (exciting and awesome by the way)." ... Eddie Lujan


“Sir my name is Emanuel  T Berry I Pastor at The Greater New Nation Church of Jesus Christ from God.  Sir I’ve been researching the subject pertaining to The Trinity and how the very word or concept is based on Paganistic beliefs.  Your posts are more accurate than any I’ve ever read.  Please Sir call me if you please at 832-512-1523  I am writing a book pertaining to the same subject matter and I would love to use your information as an introduction to my book on the Godhead vs The SO CALLED TRINITY.  Thank you and God bless." ...  Emanuel T. Berry


"Dear Rabbi, I was a long time member of the Worldwide Church of God but left as they fell back into mainstream Christianity.  I keep the weekly Shabbat and High Sabbaths including going to a caravan for Sukkot. I live alone in Scotland a little west of Glasgow and very much appreciate your website, books, and fellowship." ...  Ernie Hasler


“On many, many issues you cover in both your statement of faith and in your small documentaries—have been studying and researching for years and come to so many conclusions I thought were heretical.  You affirmed many things for me today, and I thank you. Bless you a thousand times over.
I do pray I inherit a portion of your spirit, that I may too preach the truth in boldness and with courage to those who still worship Iesous."
 ... Jared Bush


"Rav Sha’ul, I would like to order your books in bulk and give them out.  I am so shocked at what you wrote concerning Jesus is the beast of Revelation 13 ? WOW! I checked the Greek words and it is TRUE! Thank you very much and hope you'll make more books?  Your website is OUTSTANDING!!!" ... Jerry


“Shalom Brother, I've been looking  a long time.  I'm in France for YHWH what you are in the USA.  I will write to you with great simplicities as I speak very few English, very few, this is why I will be very simple, practical and fast. I recognize in you building Yahshua. I recognize in you a spirit Carved by the Ruach of YHWH. You're the second person I recognize the life of Breath. And I did a lot of research, a lot.  I see you have awareness of Things from on High. I'm not talking only Knowledge, but awareness."" ...  John.


"Shalom Rabbi Sha’ul, Good to communicate with you . l came across your site as l was googling to verify the truth since then i have being reading a lot from your site.  See,i have never before head truth and history of my messiah Yahshua ,Yahweh and his plan of salvation for us his created beings.  Please let me know how to buy your book series Original Revelation ,which site .have searched amazon, etc in vain." ... John Appiah


“Shalom and in the name YHWH, I would like to know more about you for I agree very much with you regarding the words you have written.  Blessings in the name YHWH!" ... John Warner


“Hi Rav Shual good work exposing the 'virgin birth' which I've always asked about, now I'm enlightened by the prophecy which the messiah has to fulfill and the evidence in water, blood, and spirit.  I'm open to 100% truth." ...  Jonathan Timothy L Lee


“Rav Sha’ul, you say in your book “I shouldn’t have to go in and retranslate and show the true meaning of the entire New Testament writings of Paul to demonstrate that the Greek appropriate Pauline Christian Doctrine is a totally false doctrine.  The Apostle Paul did not start a new"  Well Sha’ul, Someone needs to do it if it is the right thing to do.  The Holy Spirit has given you this job." ...    Julie Hays


“Rav Shaul, I have read your book on Melchizedek and found it to be very enlightening, substantiating many things that I have believed for a long time." ... Linda Clark


"My name is Lisa and I recently found my way back to Yahweh after many years of having fallen into pagan deception.  I just stumbled upon your website (actually I believe I was led there) and I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I perused your writings on Jesus Christ being the anti-Christ.  I had never heard these teachings before but much of what you shared resonated with me.   Thank you for your time and your help.  I was doing a lot of reading from The Sabbath Covenant today and I had decided to send you a donation.  Thank you for your website and books. May Yahweh bless you." ...  Lisa Askew


"I want to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to work on your next book?.Yahweh's Righteousness!!!!!  These books are life changing-I will study them always.  I consider you my mentor and "Rabbi".  Please consider investing the time in making this book happen.  I'm desperate for more!" ...  Susan


“Thank you for your help. I thought I was alone. I'm awake now for the first time and I'm never going back. Keep up the good work brother." ... Luke Triviz


“Dear Rav Shaul.  Thank you for your website. I have only just discovered it, I am in Sydney Australia and it is a spiritual desert here. The father has been opening my eyes to the truth of what Christianity is. I have started keeping the Shabbat but there are no biblical ecclesia nearby that I can meet with. Can you please assist me. Again thank you for your great website to help those seeking the Truth. Bless you" ...  Mandy Blaxland


“Mr. Sha'ul Greetings from a new believer. You are now my earthly source for guidance in the scriptures & for spiritual things as well. Thank you very much for your help understanding things. Your website and books are of utmost importance in my life now. Yahweh's Holy Spirit is confirming to me every day as I study/cross-reference everything you put forth. You are right on straight up, holding nothing back, and I love you in spirit.  For the last 7 months Yahweh has been revealing truth, after truth as never before. He (Yahweh) has not released me to join, or even go back to my original church.  Yahweh sent me to you.  I am also amazed and grateful for being chosen to receive the secrets in His word. Your research has put me light years ahead of where I would be otherwise. I give all the Glory to Yahweh, and Yahshua.. I just wanted to say/pray that your work is appreciated by me. Yahweh sees your work and wants you to know that you are walking in His steps. His blessings are upon you and your family." ... Max Ard


"Hi, Rav Sha'ul. I love to read your website, and I think the Holy Spirit must be the One who guide you and Yah-Shua the Messi-Yah strengthen you so you be able to do this wonderful job  or prepared this prefect website so anyone on earth can understand the word of Yahweh." ... Olly Manembu


“This website really open eyes! Thank you for this im learning here. Sorry but i will tell you again: this web site your teaches are great."... Omar Mahmud from Argentina


“My name is Owen Barrett. I am a training minister of Yahweh...33 years old. I do not own a computer but a cell phone. Can you please send me a list of all you have and about your ministry. Can you please send these book?  I attend Temple at Bethel New Covenant Ministries" ... Owen Barrett


“Honored and grateful, Of finding You as  The Ultimate Teacher and mentor.(in my opinion You are The Elijah) I found myself Blessed , of receiving all the  teachings from You.  I am learning obedience and Understanding Doctrine because of your teachings. And I teach my wife as well. I beg your pardon for my English. Only blessings for You and Your family." ... Patricio and Martha.


"I just found your site and find it very interesting and educational.I look forward to studying the information further. Thanks for opening my eyes to some new ways of thinking concerning scripture. I am new to this and I hope to continue to learn how I can worship and serve Yahweh." ...  Paul Cate


“Shalom, it is a blessing and so refreshing to have stumbled upon your website. As someone who has been searching for truth, for the last twelve years of my life, you have given me a lot to excitedly ponder about, as well as answered a lot of questions and helped clarify my mind. I am amazed by what I have read so far on your site. I have only read part of the section in regards to The Zadok high priest linage and how Mariam and Yosef were actually royalty and not two regular individuals. I have never heard theses things and am truly amazed by this info." ... Raffaele Carelli


I later in life studied the Bible and joined the 7th day Adventist church.  I had a serious problem with Ellen G White as their Prophet. I left and have studied alone since.  I am soooo thankful for your insight.  I haven't found flaw yet!  I knew the Trinity as everyone knows it  was not correct but the Bible says it is so.  Finally the answers I've been looking for!!!!     I want to learn more about Passover, Feast days"... Ruth Miller


I am called Pastor Nepheg Inkoom from Ghan west Africa.I am a leader of a Messianic congregation called Mount Zion Assembly of YHWH.  The main reason why i came across you was that,i was researching the pagan symbols and thier meaning and i came across your page and it has really help me alot. I have learnt soo much about your page and am proud of you Shalom." ... Pastor Nepheg Inkoom

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