As Sharon expells Jews from Gaza, the West Bank, Hebron, and Samaria and we race toward the fulfillment of the Sabbath Covenant... 777 (7th Holy Month of the 7th Year of the 7th Millennium) and beginning of the reign of the King.
No one knows better than Orthadox Jews the meaning of the Sabbath (7,000 year plan) and they are in full expectation of the return of the King.  Why not, we are in the 6005th year of a 6007 year deadline.  They better start looking if you ask me.
For the first time in 1600 yeas - since Yahusha was sacrificed at the hands of the Sanhedrin leading to the destruction of the Second Temple...  The Sanhedrin meets again!  And guess what they are discussing?  They are looking to crown their King!
The evidence mounts.  You know what I always say... it takes more faith to think all this is by accident than to simply believe we are entering the final stage of history.
Who will it be?  Who is qualified?  Who is from the ROYAL line of David through Solomon that could be crowned?  I know but one man on this planet at this time.  And One that will be returning soon.  One is the false messiah and the other One is the King of Kings.

Jan. 12, 2005 0:06  | Updated Jan. 12, 2005 0:12
Hear ye, hear ye: Sanhedrin seeks David's scion as king

Will Jews begin proclaiming "Long live the king" in the near future?

According to a group of 71 Jewish scholars who met this week in the Old City of Jerusalem in the form of a modern-day Sanhedrin a duplicate of the religious tribunal which convened during the time of the Second Temple a coronation day is growing closer.

As one member of the group put it, "We would have liked it to happen yesterday. But we are willing to wait until tomorrow."

There hasn't been a genuine Sanhedrin in Israel for nearly 1,600 years; the last one to be proclaimed was in France, by Napoleon, for political gain. Shortly after the establishment of the State of Israel, religious affairs minister Judah Leib Maimon raised the notion of reinstituting the ancient body, to no avail.

The group composed largely of Kahane sympathizers that gave itself the name Sanhedrin in October, however, met Sunday to discuss the creation of a Jewish monarchy in the State of Israel.

For the past several years a group called the Monarchists has conducted extensive research into the lineage of several families in an effort to discover who has the closest bloodline to the biblical King David a requirement for any future Jewish king.

Rabbi Yosef Dayan from Psagot, known for his recent threats to place a death curse on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is said to be a leading candidate to become the "king of Israel."

"Dayan has the best lineage to King David," several members of the Sanhedrin told The Jerusalem Post. They say he has two documented ancient sources which draw a direct line between him and the males in his family to King David some 3,000 years ago.

"Many people can show they are descendants of King David, but they cannot show that the line is only male," one Sanhedrin member explained. "That makes Dayan the leading candidate to become king."

The Monarchists have consulted with non-Jewish experts on lineage. They concurred that, without a doubt, Dayan is a direct descendent of the House of David.

The only question now is how to establish the Jewish monarchy in spite of the presiding democratic government.

"There are two possibilities," Dayan explained. "The first is that the nation or a majority from within will want the monarchy and will uproot the presiding democratic government."

The second, more realistic option, he said, is "the one cited by Maimonides and that is that no one will know how it will be until it happens."

Some of the other ideas discussed at the Sanhedrin meeting included the construction of an altar on the Temple Mount to be used for the Passover Offering during the upcoming holiday.

One of the ideas, members said, is to climb the Mount and build the altar within minutes and sacrifice the lamb before security forces can stop them. Another, said leading Sanhedrin member Baruch Ben-Yosef, is to pray for a tsunami-like disaster on the Mount.

"In one second, God wiped out 150,000 people," he said. "Who knows? Maybe he'll help us if we show him we are ready."

Participants also discussed Ben-Yosef's idea of reinstating the Sanhedrin's authority to announce Rosh Hodesh, the beginning of the new lunar month.
"It is very important to reinstate the Sanhedrin's authority to announce the month, because it will force people to understand that God gave us the power to control the calendar and our own destiny," Ben-Yosef said.