Creation Cries Out!

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Creation Cries Out!

Rav Sha'ul

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The Role of Myth and Science
by Rav Sha'ul


All too often in our quest for “pure science” we discount and discard “myths” that have been handed down since the creation of man.  Legends, oral traditions, and myths… everything must be “proven scientifically” and fit nice and neatly into our scientific consciousness or we relegate it to the trash bin of history as “worthless garb”.   Is there no function in our history for myths, legends, and oral traditions?  Could they instead be a guiding light into our ancient past; even to the origin of humanity?  Maybe we should not so readily dismiss ancient myths, legends, and oral traditions?  Is there truth behind them and historical realities of ancient times that can be understood in light of these myths and legends?  When seeking out “Truth” it is a matter of just science as we today have come to believe? 

The answer is yes there is truth behind these myths and it is not just a matter of science.  Myth must take its rightful place in our understanding of past ages of mankind.  It is “mythology” that is the very means used by the ancients to pass down historical events.   In other words, in our search for our origins we might do well to let myths, legends, and oral traditions DRIVE science and direct us in our quest for answers.  In the introduction to Larousse World Mythology page 9 we read:

[T]oday the myth is no longer considered a mode of thought reserved for primitive societies. If each one of us considers the matter carefully and honestly, he will be forced to recognize that myth is far from foreign to our daily thought, and, what is more, that it is far from opposed in essence to scientific thought. It is the object of the myth, as of science, to explain the world, to make its phenomena intelligible.

So where we now have “science” whereby we explain the world and make its phenomena intelligible, the ancients had “mythology”.  They would take the world around them and try and explain that world to future generations using myths and legends.  They did not have science or history books.  So we must look at these myths with the understanding they were created to help explain the world that was occurring around the ancient human societies.  In other words, there is truth behind the myths and to ignore mythology is to lose the insight it brings into human history.  The danger we as a modern society have fallen into is this: we scoff at myths and legends in such a way as to make us biased toward the underlying truth behind them.  As a result we have lost the vast insight handed down to us from our ancient ancestors.   We simply are not “listening” to the very ones (our ancient ancestors) who lived during the time humanity originated… while at the same time trying to understand our origin!  If we want to learn of the origin of humanity we should listen to what those alive at the time have been telling us.

It is not the purpose of this book to explore mythology in depth and demonstrate historical evidence that there is truth behind mythology.  However, I would like to quickly illustrate my point and then move on.  We must come to understand that there is truth behind mythology because we are going to dive deep inside ancient human myths across civilizations and cultures in this book.  Our goal is to determine if there was Original Revelation from God to man that was lost and corrupted over time.  Our only real “link” to that Original Revelation is found in the myths, legends, and oral traditions across cultures dating back 5000 years.



Mythology is full of genetic mutants, half human half beasts, giants, gods, god-men, vampires and the like.  Are these all just fantastic bed time stories made up from thin air or can they be shown to be based in scientific fact and Biblical evidence? Let’s take a quick look at some of the mythical figures and see.

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