Are all other covenants void?
by Rav Sha'ul

Or have they been fulfilled. Fulfilled means to MAKE WHOLE not void. Yahusha said he did not come to void them but to fulfill them and NOT one jot or title has been done away. Let us take a journey through the progressive revelation of YHWH to mankind. And test this claim... literally.

  • Do women still have pain in child birth?... Yes

  • Do men still work for a living... Yes

  • Does mankind still have dominion over the Earth... Yes

  • Are all the nations blessed by Abraham... Yes.

  • Are His people called Israel... Yes.

  • Are the Commandments of Love valid... Yes

  • Are we to honor the Sabbath... Yes

  • Do the Feasts portray the Messiah´s two comings... Yes.

  • Does David have an eternal throne... Yes.

The Edenic Covenant... Void?

Edenic - the Sabbath Covenant. Promise of Messiah through seed of a woman

Uh... still in effect is is ETERNAL. The EVERLASTING COVENANT.

The Adamic/Noahic Covenants... Void?

Adamic/Noahic - rule the earth, be fruitful and multiply, men cursed with work, women cursed with childbirth.

Uh... still in effect last I checked. Curse part not lifted until second coming.

Abrahamic Covenant... Void?

Abrahamic - promise that his sons will be as the sands of seashore and through his seed all nations will be blessed.

Uh... still in effect last I checked.

Mosaic Covenant... Void?

Mosaic - Keep the Commandments to know right/wrong and identify sin.  Establish need within ourselves for Grace and a Saviour.  Establish the priesthood and requirements.

Uh... still in effect last I checked. Remains in effect eternally, God does not change, right/wrong does not change and the Word says the Torah goes forth out of Jerusalem during the Millennial Reign. And our very justice system is founded on these moral laws.  Yahusha fulfilled this covenant bringing grace in light of our transgression making it whole.  Serves as the High Priest in a Higher Order.

Davidic Covenant... Void?

Davidic - His seed will reign on his throne eternally.

Uh... still in effect last I checked. Literal completion of this promise when Yahusha returns.

So, that brings us to...

The New Covenant or Messianic or Yahushaic

Which is the fulfillment of all Covenants which are still active and the addition of ONE NEW COMMAND, to be in covenant with YHWH through the blood of the Messiah to obtain GRACE!

-- King of the Sabbath (Edenic fulfillment)
-- Son of God through Adam (Edenic fulfillment)
-- Ruler of the Earth (Adamic/Noahic fulfillment)
-- Salvation through faith in the Messiah (Adamic fulfillment).
-- Seed of a woman through Mary (Adamic fulfillment)
-- final sacrifice for "sin" against transgressing the laws providing GRACE in light of transgression (fulfillment of Mosaic).
-- High Priest mediator (fulfillment of Mosaic).
-- Righteous King ruler from the Kingly line of David through Joseph (Davidic fulfillment).

To FULFILL is to make WHOLE. NOT to destroy. And the FINAL fulfillment will be upon the Second Coming when labor/child birth is lifted, King returns to reign literally, etc.  And even then, it will be the TORAH that goes forth from JERUSALEM not the Word of the Pope out of ROME.

The POPE will be burning in hell for eternity. The False Prophet.

Yahusha was the final piece of all the previous covenants, the means of salvation not found in the others. The final revelation in the process of PROGRESSIVE REVELATION.


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