Foundation from Which to Approach Paul's Writings
by Rav Sha'ul



Below is the foundation from which I approach Paul's writings.  I wanted to establish this foundation before we get into individual scripture:
The Master Plan by which He is training us to become eternal sons in the family of YHWH is as follows:
  • The Chosen
  • Promises
  • Commands
  • Transgressions of Commands (sin)
  • Penalty of Transgression (death)
  • Sacrificial System (alter/blood of lamb)
  • Righteousness (obedience to commands)
  • Restitution
  • The Passover
  • Forgiveness
  • Life
    Pertaining to His Commands, they are:
    • Eternal
    • Existed at the time of Adam though not yet communicated
    • Communicated verbally at an individual family level to Abraham/Isaac/Jacob
    • Communicated in written stone at a national level to Israel at the time of Moses
    • Communicated via the Spirit at a global level after Pentecost
    The Gifts of YHWH to His Family are:
    1. Adoption as sons of YHWH
    2. To be the Glory of YHWH
    3. The "Law" which is the Torah
    4. The Temple of YHWH
    5. The Promises of YHWH (forgiveness, resurrection, eternal life, dominion, inheritance)
    6. The "fathers" - they are of the bloodline descending from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
    7. And the Messiah
    The Apostle Paul was a "Jew among Jews" a Pharisee, a Nazarite, a Torah Master, who (along Yashua and every other early son):
    • Knew the above I communicated
    • Knew the Torah
    • Kept the Torah faithfully
    • Celebrated the Torah
    • Kept the Feasts
    • Kept the Sabbath
    • Took the vow of a Nazarite (defined in the Torah)
    • Paul took offerings to the Temple and made sacrifices in the Temple
    The English Versions we have been given are biased (against The Law as pagan priests of Rome did the translating and then burned the original Hebrew texts) and translated vaguely if not inaccurately especially concerning Paul's writings.  This was a deliberate effort to create a pagan religion resembling the Truth to conquor the known world at that time.  Resulting in the End Time False Religion.
    False teachers have corrupted Paul's teachings ever since.  A careful study of Paul's letters show a very different message, shows the Torah being taught and kept, and brings Paul's message into perfect harmony with the rest of the Word of YHWH. 
    Paul was an amazing teacher having to teach Jews grace in light of their bondage to the "Letter of the Law".  He had to teach pagan people the Law of YHWH through grace in light of lawlessness.  He taught us all the meaning of the Torah/Feasts/Sabbath in light of the Messiah. 
    That is why we have such a varied body of work from the Apostle Paul.  To the Jew Paul had to appear a Jew.  To those without The Law Paul had to appear Lawless.  To the Greek... a Greek etc.  He was willing and capable of sitting down with pagans at a table with meat sacrificed to an idol... in order to win them over he had to understand the unlimited boundaries of Grace.  And extend it to Remnant Israel where they were and then walk them back to the God of Israel found in the Torah.
    To understand Paul's writings you have to understand the Liberty Paul was given in order to accomplish his mission to reclaim the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.  And what an amazing job Paul did!  If it were not YHWH's use of Paul, you and I would not be having this discussion 2,000 years later.  So let's do Paul justice.



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