The Antichrist Revealed!

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The Antichrist Revealed!
Rav Sha'ul
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Physical Metaphor to Spiritual Reality of the Abomination of Desolation
by Rav Sha'ul



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Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: Let me bottom line it...

Paul - But won't someone come to Jerusalem physically as "anti-Christ", i.e., the anti-Messiah, and stand in the holy place clainng to be the real messiah, etc.? Who will that be? Could Satan come in the clouds just as we think will come the true Messiah? After-all he is supernatural. Or am I still missing something? -g
There is no "he" in the physical sense.  "He" is an "image" of a man.  Not a physical man.  The "supernatural" behind that "image" is Satan.  What you are missing is this.  You need to come to understand how YHVH has chosen to progressively disclose His "Spiritual Works" over time to man in order that we in our limited physical realm can understand them. 
  1. First come "the Word" through prophecy of the important event. 
  2. Then comes the shadow of things to come.... He foreshadows this major event at some point in history as a "physical portrait" or metaphor.  We are supposed to study this physical example and come to understand this event so that we don't "miss" the final Spiritual Fulfillment of it. 
  3. Lastly comes the Final Act, the Spiritual Reality.  He fulfills this Word Spiritually.  It is in the final Spiritual Fulfillment that YHWH is most concerned about and has the highest meaning, implication, and impact on our Eternal Lives.  This physical life example is but a "shadow" that is cast by Spiritual Reality.
Example #1, The Law:
  1. The Word:  The Word of the Law came to Abraham/Isaac/Jacob.
  2. The Shadow:  The Physical Example of the Law came when the Law was written down by Moses.
  3. The Spiritual Reality:  The Spiritual Reality of the Law was then written in our hearts through Yahusha.
Example #2, The Priesthood:
  1. The Word: Abraham was told his descendents would be set apart special to YHVH.
  2. The Shadow:  Aaron and then the Levis were setup as Physical Priests to YHVH with detailed duties in a physical Temple.
  3. The Spiritual Reality:  Melchizedek was fulfilled in Yahusha, the Temple in the body of his sons, and the entire Priestly system was transferred to the Spiritual Realm where the High Priest (Yahusha fulfills the Torah) and we are Priest in His Temple (our bodies).
Example 3, The Passover:
  1. The Word: YHVH prophesied that a "seed" of woman would crush the power of Satan and this Messiah would save the world from their sins.
  2. The Shadow: YHVH gave a "physical example" of how He as Father would sacrifice His own son on an alter, through Abraham/Isaac. YHVH then delivered His People from bondage in Egypt (bondage to sin) and through the blood of spotless lamb on their doorposts the Angel of Death "Passed Over" them. YHVH then delivered His People through the "wilderness" and into the Promised Land using Joshua (Yahusha).  YHVH the ordered every year a Spotless Lamb to be sacrificed on the Alter by the High Priest to take away the sins of His People.
  3. The Spiritual Reality: Yahusha was the Lamb of YHWH.  Yahusha leads us to the promised Land (eternal life).  The blood of Yahusha on the doorposts of our heart enables us to be PASSED OVER by the Angel of Death/Second death,
The Jews in Israel at the time the Messiah was prophesied to come DID NOT understand these physical portraits were physical examples or mere shadows of things to come... of the coming Messiah.  They didn't understand the role of the Lamb of YHVH, they wanted The King of Kings.  They didn't understand the role of Melchizedek they wanted their priests.  They didn't understand a Righteous Mindset, they wanted the letter of the Law.  That is why, expecting the Messiah to come as King of Israel over a physical temple with priests to enforce the letter of the Law, they missed his coming all together.
WARNING:  Don't make that same mistake with the A/D and miss it!
Now, concerning the Abomination of Desolation, as always we were given:
  1. The Word:  The Word through prophecy of this event
  2. The Shadow:  A physical portrait in history to learn from to help identify the real Spiritual Event at the end.  That was when Antiochus stopped the Oblation and sacrificed an Easter pig to the pagan god Zeus.  And that happened per Daniels prophecy exactly.
  3. The Spiritual Reality: Now we are experiencing the REALITY in the Spiritual Realm of the final fulfillment of this event as our bodies (The Temple) are defiled by an "image of a corruptible man proclaiming to be god" and slaughtering an unclean earthly pig (Jesus) every Easter to a pagan god, causing the daily sacrifice (oblation in Heaven) to stop on our behalf.  Those guilty will be destroyed in the end.
We were given a physical example to help us understand His Temple, the one in Jerusalem.  It was built to look like the human body and later the final fulfillment of that Temple was realized when Yahusha was resurrected and we realized WE, our bodies are the Spiritual fulfillment of the physical Temple.  That we were all priests of YHVH in His Temple.  We are told the False Messiah is "an IMAGE of corruptible man".  Jesus is the earthly pig of Easter.
What I am saying to you is this.  The physical example/portrait/metaphor has already happened with Antiochus.  Do not expect the final fulfillment to be physical, it is not.  As with everything it is Spiritual.  Don't expect the "image" to be erected in a physical Temple, the Spiritual reality of the Temple has come.  To "see" the Abomination of Desolation we must look back at the physical example of Antiochus and then understand the Spiritual Temple and realize the final fulfillment will be in the highest Spiritual Sense.
So if we are looking for a physical event, like ancient Israel we will miss the true fulfillment of the A/D like they did the Passover Lamb.  The A/D is the image of a man being erected in the body of men (the Temple), the blood of an Easter Pig being poured out on the Alter (of our hearts), defiling the Temple of YHWH (those guilty) causing the oblation (which is now performed in Heaven by Melchizedek) on behalf of those guilty.  Destroying that Temple in the end as they are not Passed Over by the Angel of (Second) Death.
Answer to your question... No, there will be no physical man "standing up" in a physical Temple in Jerusalem proclaiming himself to be God.  That was how the Spiritual Event was described through Anthropomorphisms, fulfilled in physical portraits... but the final fulfillment is Spiritual and leads to eternal death of those guilty.  At the time the False Messiah has fully risen (in the hearts of those damned) and YHVH has given eyes to "see" this event to his Elect, Yahusha will return.



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