The Virgin Birth... the Truth
by Rav Sha'ul

Is the Virgin Birth True? Yes/No.
Is Yahusha Divine? Yes/No
Did Yahusha pre-exist? No

I want to explore in further detail the Virgin Birth and to further glorify YHWH´s miraculous birth of Yahusha in that, not ONLY did YHWH give Mary a child outside of sexual relations, but YHWH also honored Joseph by USING HIS SEED to do it! It was more of a miracle than we generally give YHWH credit for.   And this is KEY to Yahusha's claim to Messiah, Yahusha claimed Joseph as his earthly father over and again and claimed the title Son of Man (the man Joseph).

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Most people simply accept the "Virgin Birth" as the False Prophet Pope and Catholic False Religion told you it was to be.  And the the Christopagan Church teaches the pagan Trinity using the False Roman Church to justify it.

HOWEVER!  Most people have no idea that in TRUTH... Joseph was the biological father of Yahusha and that the DNA of Joseph's and Joseph being the biological father is KEY to Yahusha's claim to Messiah.  So be careful what you believe.

Did Joseph the father of Yahusha have TWO fathers?... Yes!

Matthew lists Yahshua´s father as Joseph and Joseph´s father as Jacob. Then Luke lists Yashua´s father as Joseph yet Joseph´s father as Eli. Two totally different lineages to David. Two fathers of Joseph?

  • Matthew traces Yahusha's Kingly Lineage of Solomon through Joseph´s father Jacob. Establishing Yashua´s right to the throne...

  • And Luke traces Yahusha's Priestly lineage through the Priestly line of Nathan to David and on through Levi to Adam... through Joseph´s father Eli. Establishing Yahshua´s right to High Priest.

Now, we must further understand the term "son of God". In addition to being the Son of God through resurrection, men are also called the son of... their ancestors so Yahusha was called the Son of God by tracing his lineage back to Adam on both sides.  Adam being "the son of God" literally having NO parents.

And, we must further understand the term "son of man".  In addition to Yahusha being called the son of Joseph he was called the son of David.  Remember, men were called the "son" of their father, grandfathers, great grandfathers, etc.  That is why Yahusha was called the SON
OF MAN as he was also called the son of Joseph and also called the son of David.

Son of Man = Son of God = Birth, Blood, and Resurrection

But NOTICE... Luke traces Yahusha all the way back to Adam who Luke calls the son of God (Adam was literally the son of God), Adam had no parents.  So by definition, the SON OF
MAN, used by Yahusha was the same exact thing as SON OF GOD. Luke demonstrates this by saying Yahusha was the son of Eli...David...Abraham...Adam...God.  And Yahusha made this exact point to his critics who claimed blasphemy because he was called the Son of God.  Pointing out he was not the first to be referred to by this title.

Therefore God was Yahusha's "father" literally through lineage being Yahusha's many great(s) Grandfather through Adam ON BOTH SIDES of the tree! And just as Yahusha could accurately be called the son of David, he could be called the son of Abraham and also the son of Adam and finally...


Joseph's Two Fathers... Explained

Now, the question is how could Joseph have Jacob as his father is Matthew, and then Eli as his father in Luke?

Was their two Joseph´s as some ridiculously claim thereby claiming there were two Yahusha's?


The Matthew lineage uses the term "beget" to establish the biological right of Yahusha to the throne of David through Joseph. This is VERY important.  Matthew's lineage is the ACTUAL physical male lineage to David as brought out by the use of the term 'beget'.  Contrary to what Catholicism/Christianity teach.  Joseph is far more than Yahusha's adopted father.

Luke´s lineage DOES NOT use the term "beget" because it was tracing Yahusha's lineage to David then Adam through his biological father's (Joseph) father (in-law) Eli, Joseph’s ancestors by marriage through Mary.  ALL lineage was documented through a male structure so when documenting Mary's lineage they used Mary's father Eli calling him Joseph's 'supposed' father.  And by doing so, Eli DID NOT beget Yashshua, Joseph did.  So they could not use the term "beget" because it was tracing Yahusha's father Joseph's IN-LAWS... Joseph´s Father (in-law, they didn't have that term then) was Eli through marriage to Mary. Eli was the father of Mary. And through marriage the Father of Joseph. So yes, Joseph had two fathers both Jacob and Eli. The Catholic Church could have easily translated this more clearly but heh... why do that when you are the false religion trying to create confusion and promote a pagan doctrine of a Trinity and undermine Yahusha's claim as Messiah to setup the False Messiah at the end of the age!

Lineage is ALWAYS traced through the Male. That is why Mary is not listed as Eli´s daughter in Luke, Eli is listed as Joseph’s father. Which he was through marriage. The female was NEVER listed.  Matthew was documenting Yahshua´s biological father Joseph’s line to establish BLOOD right to the Throne of David.  Luke was documenting Yahshua´s biological right to High Priest through Mary (Eli the father-in-law of Joseph).

Both go all the way back to Adam and then to God... The SON
OF GOD by BIRTH, by BLOOD, by Resurrection.  Of course, the False Prophet Pope would have us believe Matthew messed it all up and is all wrong and only Luke is right. Wake up sheeples.  Yahusha taught BOTH lineages to His disciples, that is where these accounts originated was from the Messiah himself.

However, Luke plainly states that Yahusha taught his disciples both and allowed his KINGLY line to be taught and never corrected it. And Yahshua´ disciples correctly told it to the scribe Matthew to fulfill the prophecy Line of David. And taught accurately the lineage of Luke to establish the fulfillment of the prophecy in Genesis to be of "the seed of a woman" that is why Luke goes further back to Adam.

Is there a Contradiction in the Genealogies of Luke and Matthew?

There are those who say that the lineages recorded in Matthew 1:1-16, and Luke 3:23-38, which list the progenitors leading to King David, are contradictory to each other. There is this idea that they both lead to Joseph, the earthly father of Yahusha, and that it cannot possibly be explained away as Matthew following the line from David, while Luke is following the line to David (with the father of Joseph having two different names). For Joseph could not have two different fathers. But in fact, Joseph both could, and He did have two fathers, he had a both a father and father-in-law!

Matthew traced Yahusha lineage through Joseph’s biological father. The lineage in Matthew using the words BEGET to indicate literal bloodline that runs through the Kingly line of Solomon to David.

What is so often the case in these controversies is that people always tend to look at things from their own perspective, instead of from the scriptural reference and historical Biblical perspective. Contributing to the difficulty in understanding the genealogical passage in Luke is the way that the Greek has been translated into English. There really is no mystery, nor contradiction, nor inconsistency. There simply is a modern lack of understanding of the Biblical system of reference, what is being said, and why it is said that way.

Luke 3:23

"And Yahusha Himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was being taught by Yahusha himself) the son of Joseph, which was the son (in-law) of Heli.."

So clearly Yahusha allowed the truth that Joseph was his biological father to be taught to establish his right to the throne of David through the Kingly line of Solomon. And Yahusha did nothing to stop it. But he himself taught it to his disciples who taught it to Matthew the scribe. The novice should take care to note that there is no parenthesis in the original Greek text. These parentheses were put there by the translators. Unfortunately, they were put in the wrong place. "Yahusha Himself began to be about thirty years of age, which was the son of Heli," is the statement as Luke ADDS to Matthew the lineage of Mary’s father (Jacob’s Father-in-Law) to David through his other son Nathan. In other words, the verse should read like this:

• "And Yahusha Himself began to be about thirty years of age, (which was what was taught) the son of Joseph, which was (also) the son (in-law) of Eli (the father of Mary)...

This clearly says, "Joseph was the son-in-law of Eli," which was the son of Matthew. See the distinction here? The phrase (which was what was being taught) is simply the interjection as Luke confirms Matthew and adds to it Yahusha’ line through Mary both leading directly to David. Understanding these two genealogies in Matthew and Luke is a matter of understanding both the text, and the historical genealogies traced through the Male. So when Luke documented Mary’s lineage, he must have held true to custom and traced Mary’s through Joseph’s father-in-law (Joseph’s father Eli). The two, Joseph and Mary “shall become one” making Eli… the father of Joseph through Marriage. That is why in Luke the word “beget” in NOT used clearly tracing the “ancestors” of Yahusha’ biological father Joseph through Josephs father-in-law the biological father of Mary. So Matthew is the BIOLOGICAL father of Yahusha and the BIOLOGICAL line is through Joseph’s BIOLOGICAL father Jacob, that is why the word BEGET is used throughout the lineage in Matthew. The ancestral line is documented in Luke, and the word “beget” is not used.
Both these listed genealogies are the same from Abraham to king David, but then thereafter they take different paths. Yahusha must be “born” or “begotton” from the Matthew genealogy because that is the Kingly line.

Remember, again in Matthew there is an “interjection” used ‘the husband of Mary’ and Matthew should read:

Matthew 1:16

"And Jacob begat Joseph (the husband of Mary), of whom (Joseph is the subject) was born Yahusha, who is called the Messiah."

Jacob begat Joseph who beget Yahusha. And interjected in that thought there is ‘and he was the husband of Mary’. An interjection can be taken out of a sentence without changing the meaning.  It is ONLY there to qualify the subject which in the entire chapter is JOSEPH BEGET Yahusha!  The God inspired language here is clearly so that there be no mistake about Jacob or Joseph ´begating´ Yahusha to fulfill the prophecy that Yahusha would restore the Throne of David which is traced through Joseph not Mary. It is specifically worded that we know that Jacob was the father of Joseph who was the father of Yahusha.  And "the husband of Mary) was INTERJECTED to clarify without a doubt which Joseph beget Yahusha.

By contrast, the Luke chapter three genealogy through Joseph’s father (in-law) doesn´t use begat, and rather than trace back to Abraham, traces the descent back to Adam, ´illustrating´ how this lineage goes through the whole human family, and thus showing the Messiah to be the fulfillment of the promised ´Seed of the Woman.´ This Luke genealogy is also of David´s seed, but has a path which goes through the line of his son Nathan, and then through Mary´s father Heli. By contrast the Matthew chapter one genealogy goes through David´s son Solomon.

We see in these unique illustrations that there are three fathers involved. Yahusha was literally linked by flesh through Mary´s father Heli to King David. Then there is Yahusha's earthly father, Joseph son of Jacob, which traces the biological Kingly line and right of Yahusha to sit on the Throne of David. And then there was Yahusha's true heavenly Father ´signifying´ that this is the Yahusha Divine lineage to serve as High Priest.

Acts 2:29-31
• "Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulcher (line through Solomon through Joseph to Yahusha) is with us unto this day.
• Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh (biological line), he would raise up the Messiah to sit on his throne;
• He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of the Messiah (begetting as Elohim by YHWH), that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption."

Thus the two genealogies are, the father of Joseph in Matthew, and the father of Mary in Luke. Both Mary and Joseph are descendant from David. The genealogy in Matthew chapter one is of Joseph´s biological father Jacob, and goes through David´s son Solomon. The kingly line. The genealogy in Luke chapter three is of Mary´s father "Heli," (Mary being the woman is not mentioned in the genealogy) which is also traced to David, but the path goes through the line of David´s other son Nathan. In short, in the genealogy of Mary, by custom her father had to be the one listed in the genealogical line to David when tracing the fleshly link. This is the way the scriptures have always listed genealogies. From Father to Son, mothers are never listed as patriarch references.

And so there is no error or contradiction. The alleged contradiction doesn´t exist once we have carefully studied the scriptures and know the history and genealogical references. In point of fact, there is no way that Mary´s name would ever be listed in the Genealogies there. Luke 3:33 simply tells us Yahusha's genealogical line through Joseph’s father (in-law) (the flesh He took on from Mary) was of "Heli" a direct descendant of David, fulfilling scripture that of His seed (David´s) God would raise up a king to reign on the throne. And that seed is traced back through both Joseph and Mary, through both Nathan and Solomon.

There are no errors, there are no contradictions, and all the speculation that there must be is (as usual) unfounded. May the Lord give us all the wisdom to discern the truth of his holy Word.


Conclusion clearly taught in the Word of God?

Yahusha was by birth, blood, and lineage:
-- The Son of God
-- The Son of Man
-- The Son of David
-- The Son of Joseph
-- The King of Israel
-- The High Priest of Israel

The Miracle of the Virgin Birth... More of a Miracle than most give YHWH credit for!

In order for me to introduce, to the detailed level that I will, the fact that Joseph is NOT the "adoptive father" of Yahusha, but the biological father in order to fulfill prophecy to be heir to the Throne of David (not the seed, that is a different prophecy)... It is necessary to TAKE THE FOCUS OFF MARY, where it should never have been. In light of a Virgin Birth, man has drifted into "Immaculate Conception" and Mary worship and not truly focused on both the role Mary and Joseph played and the miracle YHWH performed to bring about Yahusha... the Messiah.

A miraculous birth DOES NOT make the baby part of and equal to YHWH, yet man drifted into idolatry not understanding it. But a miraculous birth makes for a very special baby indeed! Yahshua´s miraculous birth should never have led us into idolatry elevating Yahusha as equal to YHWH and the breath of YHWH to YHWH in violation of the Shema. It was simply a SIGN of the Messiah who WAS the pre-existing first born (created) SON of YHWH born before the foundation of the Universe.

Yahusha is the Messiah and was brought about in human form in a miraculous way to BOTH Mary and Joseph, Yahshua´s earthly parents. And through both those seeds (however they were brought together inside Mary´s womb by the Miracle of YHWH) came the prophesied restoration of both the Throne of David and the Priesthood of Levi. The Word is VERY specific that YHWH cannot be found in the form of a man OR the SON OF MAN.

The Miraculous Birth of Adam

Of course, Adam didn't have any parents and Adam is directly called the Son of YHWH in the most literal terms.  Adam had NO parents neither male nor female, but the Breath of YHWH alone gave Adam life.  Yet... we do not worship Adam as equal to YHWH and part of a polytheistic deity!  Why is Adam considered human when it was truly the Breath of YHWH from which he originated?

The Miraculous Birth of Isaac

Just like Isaac was the Chosen One and brought about in a miraculous way to Abraham and Sara who BOTH were his parents. But that miracle did not make Isaac part of a GODHEAD. We do not worship Isaac as equal to YHWH and part of a polytheistic deity!  Isaac’s Miraculous Birth  In Genesis, Sara’s womb was “dead”, and Sara too conceived a child of promise through the miraculous intervention of the Angel of the Lord… Isaac. This child was “brought” by an Angel of the Lord. How does this differ from Mary/Joseph? It doesn't.  Why is Abraham considered the biological father of Isaac when it was YHWH who gave her the child? Because YHWH used Abraham's seed in the miracle.

The Miraculous Birth of Sampson

Just like Sampson was a Chosen One from the womb, a Nazirite to God, a Righteous Judge, and brought about in a miraculous way to Manoah and his wife who WERE BOTH his true parents. But that did not make Sampson part of a GODHEAD. We do not worship Sampson as equal to YHWH and part of a polytheistic deity!  In Judges 13:2-5 Manoah’s wife was barren and unable to have children. The Angel of the Lord appeared to her too and gave her a son named Sampson who was a “Nazirite to YHWH”. How does this differ from Mary/Joseph? It doesn´t.  Why is Manoah considered the biological father of Sampson when it was YHWH who gave his wife the child? Because YHWH used Manoah´s seed in performing the miracle.

The Miraculous Birth of John the Baptist

The miraculous birth of John the Baptist is recounted in Luke’s Gospel where we learn of the elderly priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth, who was barren. While Zechariah was performing his priestly duties in the temple, the angel Gabriel came to him and prophesied the birth of a son. Because Zechariah doubted the word of the angel, he was struck dumb until the day of the birth, at which time, filled with the Holy Spirit, he proclaimed his prophetic canticle (Lk 1:68-79).  But... this did NOT make John the Baptist part of the GODHEAD.  We do not worship John as equal to YHWH and part of a polytheistic deity!  Why is Zechariah considered the biological father of John when it was YHWH who gave Elizabeth the child? Because YHWH used Zechariah´s seed in performing the miracle.

My intention here is not to diminish the Virgin Birth, but to understand it and to help us all realize that YHWH very often appeared via His Angel to those chosen parents of VERY SPECIAL ANOINTED servants that were to be born... MIRACULOUSLY!!!  If a miraculous birth is the foundation of adding members to YHWH in an idolatrous act in violation of the Shema, we would not have a Trinity we would have at least Hexagonal Deity not a Monotheistic Sovereign YHWH! Our deity would look something like YHWH, Adam, Isaac, Sampson, John the Baptist, Yahusha, and the Holy Ghost.   Ridiculous I agree, but this is the trap we have fallen into.

Adam had a role to play and was 100% human.  Isaac had a role to play and was 100% human. Sampson had a role to play and was 100% human. John had a role to play and was 100% human. And Yahusha had the GREATEST ROLE of all... the Messiah to play and was 100% human. All signs of miraculous births. All anointed servants of the Most High.  But ONLY ONE was to become the first born son of the resurrection.  And THAT is the birth that matters NOT the human birth.  The point I’m trying to make, is that Adam was a foreshadow of the Messiah.  Isaac was a foreshadow of the Messiah. In the fashion of his birth and in the way he was Chosen as the Promised One. Sampson is a foreshadow of the Messiah in the fashion of his birth, dedication to YHWH from the womb, Righteous Judge, and Nazirite Priest.

The real point I’m trying to make is that it was a miraculous birth of our Messiah no doubt. To whatever extent Abraham was Isaacs father and Manoah was Sampsons… and Zechariah was John's... Joseph was Yahusha’s too! This is very clear in scripture. Joseph´s seed was used as was Abraham´s as was Manoah´s as was Zechariah's. All fathers in every way because YHWH used their seed in the miraculous act of giving their wives children who were anointed for a purpose!  And to whatever extent Sara was blessed by YHWH to bear Isaac and Moanoah’s wife was blessed by YHWH to bear Sampson and Elizabeth was blessed by YHWH to bear John… so Mary was blessed by YHWH to bear Yahusha. And to whatever extent Yahshua´s role of Messiah and first born is greater than Isaac, Sampson, and John... Mary should be so honored, as I am sure she was, and was humbled and blessed for this role.  But it ends there, Mary is no more the focus of Yahusha's destiny and role in YHWH's plan as was Sarah in Isaac's or Elizabeth's in John's etc.

My REAL REAL point is that Mary is NOT the point. Yahusha is. Just like Sara was not the point, Isaac was. And Manoah’s wife was not the point, Sampson was.  And furthermore, the human birth (born of the flesh) is not the focus but rather being born again of the Spirit and ultimately the Resurrected Birth is the focus and hope of our faith.

And even though EVE was the one who fell first… ADAM was the point and took the blame. Fathers play a MAJOR ROLE in our FATHER´S Plan... Let's not overlook this role of the father by tossing Joseph aside as though he meant nothing. When obviously he meant ALOT as both Matthew and Luke gave Joseph credit and Yahusha did as well over 80 times calling himself the
SON OF MAN, not the SON OF WOMAN and many times Yahusha is called the SON OF JOSEPH. Why?  Because Joseph's seed is paramount to Yahusha's claim to Messiah and the restoration of the Throne of David.  So let us give Joseph his due. And not OVERDUE Mary´s. While giving full credit to YHWH and KEEP OUR FOCUS ON YAHSHUA and how all of it combined to fulfill ALL PROPHECY to give us the Messiah. Not one or two, but EVERY PROPHECY. Which requires the seed of both Joseph and Mary.

The miracle of every one of these Divine interventions (Isaac, Sampson, John, Yahusha) is that HOWEVER YHWH did it… He did it WITH the seed of their fathers! YHWH is not about to violate His own divine order... EVER.  It takes both a male and female seed to produce a human even in Yahusha's case.  And Yahusha DIED!  His earthly body was 100% human and could not defend against that cross.  And it would seem the miracle... was that YHWH used the seed of their fathers to conceive their sons through their wives by either healing dead wombs or possibly without sexual relations!

YHWH is not about to violate His own laws He put in order that a child is a union between two parent's seeds. They were MIRACLES and in those miracles YHWH preserved the lineage, birth right, and inheritance that is given through the MALE…

My entire effort here has been to help us understand BOTH the full humanity of Yahusha and restore the full value of Joseph and Mary.  And restore the rightful place of YHWH as the ONE TRUE GOD who did it all.  And try, as I may, to bring us all out of idolatry and help us see in the proper perspective.

So while Yahusha was pre-existing, Divine, and born of a Virgin... the Virgin Birth was a SIGN, the 'seed of YHWH' is Spiritual not physical DNA and is imparted at Re-Birth (born again) and Divinity is granted at resurrection.

I needed to focus our attention on this Virgin Birth to bring Glory only to YHWH and His Messiah. And away from the pagan Trinity and the pagan Divine Mother/Child, and the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of God.

True God. There is NO OTHER! Mary is NOT YHWH´s Queen. Yahusha is NOT YHWH so Mary did NOT give birth to YHWH. And YHWH´s Spirit is His life giving breath, His Mind, His Power... It is NOT a "Ghost".   And that "seed" is imparted upon being born AGAIN, not upon human birth.  Even in the case of the Messiah.  It was not until Yahusha had been baptized for repentance and the BORN AGAIN by the Spirit of YHWH that YHWH declared... THIS is my Son in whom I am well pleased. 



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