Was Yahusha born outside of Marriage?
by Rav Sha'ul

To understand Matthew and Luke concerning the fact that:

1. Joseph was listed as the biological father of Yahusha.
2. Joseph was clearly identified as Mary´s HUSBAND.
3. Joseph and Mary were "betrothed" or "engaged"
4. When Joseph was struggling with what to do the Angel told Joseph to go and get his "WIFE" to live with him.

We must understand the Torah. These were ancient Jews, Hebrews, who lived by Torah standards of YHWH. NOT by modern standards of today. Today, engagement is totally different than it was then. And so is marriage. It is the EXACT opposite. Today couples live together and say they are "engaged" and become husband and wife after the ceremony. The Torah says you are husband and wife sexually when ENGAGED and live together after the wedding ceremony.

So, what did it mean to be "betrothed" or "engaged" by Torah standards?

1. You were called by God and "husband and wife" upon ENGAGEMENT and committed sexually.
2. There is NO sexual restriction in the Torah standard of engagement. NONE.
3. If a man had sex with an maiden engaged to another man, they were stoned to death for adultery! And God clearly says the man has had sex with his neighbors WIFE.
4. Marriage differed from engagement by ONE thing only. Common dwelling. Prior to COMING TOGETHER TO LIVE they are engaged (sexually) as HUSBAND and WIFE.

Deut. 22:23-30 Lays out the Torah standard for sex. NOTHING prohibited sex between an engaged HUSBAND and WIFE. If a man had sex with an engaged maiden (called a virgin, which in Hebrew is young woman) then the man has just had sex with his neighbors.... WIFE!

Now that is the REASON we are to study the Torah. So that we can fully understand what the New Testament is telling us.

Matthew clearly says that Joseph and Mary were ENGAGED and calls Joseph Mary´s HUSBAND. 100% true by Torah standards. Joseph had not "come together to live" with Mary yet as they had not yet had their wedding ceremony so they were not "Married" yet. I.e. did not live together, yet they were husband and wife.

Matthew also clearly establishes Joseph as the biological father of Yahusha. "the husband of Mary" is in the English language called an INTERJECTION or a small phrase INTERJECTED to CLARIFY the subject. The Subject of this entire scripture is JOSEPH and you can legally take out the INTERJECTION that clarifies Joseph and the sentence stands. Jacob beget Joseph to whom was born Yahusha.

And by Torah standards Joseph and Mary were NOT in sin to have had sexual relations while engaged.

Then in LUKE, the Angel told Joseph... go get your WIFE (called Mary the WIFE of Joseph just like Joseph was called the Husband of Mary in Matthew) and bring her to live with you as married... i.e. have the wedding ceremony and live together.

To know the Torah is to UNDERSTAND and properly be able to judge the scriptures and keep from being misled.


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