Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast
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The Mystery Religion of Babylon
by Rav Sha'ul



This has been a very long detailed exposition of The religion born in Babylon.  One that must be understood as we identify the “Great Deception” that if possible could even deceive the very chosen sons of YHVH that is identified as The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  Let me clearly and simply summarize what this religion is:

·       The Worship of The Trinity in any form

·       The worship of the Sun on dies Solis the “day of the sun” or Sunday

·       The worship of the death/resurrection of Tammuz on Ishtar (Easter) SungodDay

·       The adoration of the Madonna and Child

·       The adoration of the Cross of Tammuz

·       The 40 days of Weeping for Tammuz

·       The celebration of Christmas the birthday of the sun/Baal/Tammuz

·       The celebration of Valentine’s Day (Cupid is Tammuz)

·       The worship of Hesus Horus Krishna all names of Tammuz shortened to Jesus H. Christ in place of YHVH the ONE and ONLY God.

·       The worship of a man above YHVH as God and the believe in an incarnated God-man.

In short, the Mystery Religion of Babylon is any Sunday / Christmas / Easter / Jesus / Trinity church complete with an obelisk (steeple) and the cross of Tammuz on top.  That today is the modern day Mystery Religion of Babylon compliments of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was a sun worshipper until his death.  The very Constantine who believed himself to be the incarnated Apollo (Tammuz) in the flesh.  No wonder he was kneeling down toward the EAST worshipping the Sun and saw a “cross”!  He was worshipping Baal and saw the sign of Tammuz just like we should have expected him to. 

He did not convert to a follower of the Hebrew Messiah Yahusha and a servant of YHVH.  In fact he went on to wage an all out war against the Truth and The Faith.  He converted the world to his religion by the threat of death (the inquisition) and then burned all the documents that would incriminate him and banned the ownership of any books of any kind called The Dark Ages to “seal” this abomination so that it would never be questioned.  Changed the ordained feasts of YHVH, changed His Sabbaths, abolished His Laws, and changed the name of the Messiah to “Heil Zeus” Hesus Horus Krishna (Jesus H. Christ). 

No longer did the Messiah’s name call out to and give Glory to YHVH as does the name Yahusha (means YHVH’s Salvation) but now it gave glory to Constatine’s god Zeus in the literal name of the son of Zeus/Nimrod… TAMMUZ.  Every pagan festival remained the same down to the very last detail.  This “new” religion was not in fact “new” but the ancient Babylonian Religion and he called his new (revamped) universal religion of Babylon… “Christianity”!  It’s seat… Rome.  Where it remains today. 

In the next book in this series we will take a detailed look into “how” this happened and just how abominable it really is to the Living God whose name is YHVH not The LORD god Ba’al.  His Messiah is Yahusha not “Jesus”.


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