Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast
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by Rav Sha'ul


In the first book of the Original Revelation series “Creation Cries Out!” we took a journey back to the origin of mankind to determine where sun worship originated.  We discovered that it was YHVH, The Creator, who authored the message found within the heavens.  That message is foretold in The Zodiac as it was YHVH who named every star, organized them into constellations, and gave those constellations there name and meaning. 

In that first book, I also demonstrated the Bible clearly indicates that YHVH was the author of The Zodiac and further showed how it was the fallen angles and their offspring (The Nephilim) that corrupted The Zodiac and the message it proclaimed.  The corrupted version of The Zodiac message resulted in the worship of the creation over The Creator.  Mankind began worshiping incarnate man-gods, the Sun, Moon, Constellations, and the anthropomorphic animal signs of The Zodiac.  We learned from the Book of Enoch how fallen angels gave advanced knowledge to mankind and taught astrology, witchcraft, and sorcery.   If you haven’t read the first book Creation Cries Out! I strongly suggest you do because each book of The Original Revelation Series builds on the one before.

In this the second book of the Original Revelation Series: Mystery BabylonThe Religion of the Beast we are going to define how sun worship (that originated with the Sumerian Culture some 5,000 years ago) was organized later into a World Religion in Babylon.  This religion evolved complete with a well defined Godhead, a day of worship, holy days, a Christ, and sacrifices.  This religion, The Mystery Religion of Babylon is the false religion identified in scripture.

It was this first world religion that was scattered among all nations and cultures at The Tower of Babel when YHVH confused the languages.  We can trace through time and cultures the progression of this religion as humanity flourished on Earth to the present day.  Before we can identify what religion today is The Mystery Religion of Babylon we must first clearly define this world religion as it existed in ancient Babylon. Only then can we compare the religions of today to find an exact match.  Then we must compare this false religion to the “faith” described in The Bible and identify The Truth.  That is the purpose of my book series.  The first 3 books identify the lie, the last 3 books proclaim the Truth of YHVH found in Scripture:

As I explained in the first book Creation Cries Out! mankind was taught a perverted version of the message found in The Zodiac and began to personify that message into “myths” around The Grand Man creating for themselves incarnate man-gods called Christs.  Man then began making idols that represented the signs of The Zodiac to worship them.  It was in Babylon that the personification of the “strong man” found in The Zodiac represented by the Sun was personified as a real living man… Nimrod.  Then an entire false religion was built around the personification of The Sun as a Nimrod who became known as Ba’al the Sungod.  The battle began then between these false messiahs and the True prophesied Messiah to come.  A battle the is prevalent throughout the Bible.

Babylon is the first great city after Adam was created.  Its founder, Nimrod, was the great grandson of Noah and his name is found in the genealogies in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Chronicles.  The life of Nimrod is covered in detail in the book of Jasher.  Nimrod is described as a very powerful man and a great hunter.  Nimrod founded several cities in the ancient Mesopotamia and was King over all the sons of Noah. Babylon became a center for ancient thought and commerce and it is from Babylon that the worship of the orbiting planets in our solar system became worshipped as gods.  The Sun was worshipped as the highest god of all and Sun worship became what we know today as The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  It is this worship of the Sun and planets that has been the center of paganism since the founding of Babylon and the “reason” behind the construction of the “Tower of Babel”… to reach the stars/gods and prevent another “great flood” and avenge humanity against YHVH who had previously destroyed their forefathers in the days of Noah.  It was in Babylon that the first concept of “One World Government” originated.  The Tower of Babel was to be the greatest pagan Temple to The Sun ever created.

Pieter Bruegel's The Tower of Babel depicts
a traditional Nimrod inspecting stonemasons.

In the book of Jasher, Nimrod is described in the following manner “And all the earth was of one tongue and words of union, but Nimrod did not go in the ways of YHVH, and he was the most wicked of all the men that were before YHVH, from the days of the flood until those days.” Judaic interpreters as early as Philo and Yochanan ben Zakai (1st century AD) interpreted "a mighty hunter before YHVH" (Heb. : לפני יהוה, lit. "in the face of YHVH") as signifying "in opposition to YHVH"; a similar interpretation is found in Pseudo-Philo, as well as later in Symmachus. Some rabbinic commentators have also connected the name Nimrod with a Hebrew word meaning 'rebel'.   The great Jewish Historian Josephus writes:

"Now it was Nimrod who excited them to such an affront and contempt of God. He was the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah, a bold man, and of great strength of hand. He persuaded them not to ascribe it to God, as if it were through his means they were happy, but to believe that it was their own courage which procured that happiness. He also gradually changed the government into tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence on his power. He also said he would be revenged on God, if he should have a mind to drown the world again; for that he would build a tower too high for the waters to reach. And that he would avenge himself on God for destroying their forefathers.

Now the multitude were very ready to follow the determination of Nimrod, and to esteem it a piece of cowardice to submit to God; and they built a tower, neither sparing any pains, nor being in any degree negligent about the work: and, by reason of the multitude of hands employed in it, it grew very high, sooner than any one could expect; but the thickness of it was so great, and it was so strongly built, that thereby its great height seemed, upon the view, to be less than it really was. It was built of burnt brick, cemented together with mortar, made of bitumen, that it might not be liable to admit water. When God saw that they acted so madly, he did not resolve to destroy them utterly, since they were not grown wiser by the destruction of the former sinners; but he caused a tumult among them, by producing in them diverse languages, and causing that, through the multitude of those languages, they should not be able to understand one another. The place wherein they built the tower is now called Babylon, because of the confusion of that language which they readily understood before; for the Hebrews mean by the word Babel, confusion…

Today, it is this very religious system and “world government system” that began with Nimrod that is behind Freemasonry and the Illuminati.  Nimrod figures in some very early versions of the history of Freemasonry, where he was said to have been one of the fraternity's founders.

According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:  The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions refers to Nimrod as one of the founders of Masonry.  Thus in the York MS., No. 1, we read:

"At ye making of ye toure of Babell there was a Masonrie first much esteemed of, and the King of Babylon called Nimrod was a Mason himself and loved well Masons."

In this chapter I am going to explain what that “Mystery” religion believed.   I will explain how it was formulated, and how it progressed over time through many cultures as Nimrod “died” and was believed to become The Sun.  I will explain how Nimrod was then later worshipped as the reincarnated Tammuz who was believed to be the son of the sungod Ba’al in the flesh.  Tammuz was the first of the false god-men incarnations of “god”.  Both Nimrod and Tammuz were the literal the sons of Semiramis creating the first “Trinity Godhead”.  The son was the incarnation of the father, the father became the son, both were the wife and son of the mother.  Every aspect of that same religious and government system survives today as I will explain.  Every ritual remains the same, the name of the god remains a later incarnation of Tammuz, and The LORD god Ba’al has replaced YHVH.

1 Kings 18

18 “I have not made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned YHVH’s commands and have followed Baal (The Lord).

Jeremiah 23

25 “I have heard what the prophets say who prophesy lies in my name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!’ 26 How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds? 27 They think the dreams they tell one another will make my people forget my name, just as their ancestors forgot my name through Baal (The Lord) worship.

Most people do not realize that when they address YHVH as “The Lord” they are doing exactly as stated above and calling upon Baal:

Baal, also rendered Baʿal (Biblical Hebrew בַּעַל), is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning "master" or "lord"that is used for various gods who were patrons of cities in the Levant and Asia Minor, cognate to Akkadian Bēlu. A Baalist or Baalite means a worshipper of Baal i.e. The Lord.  "Baʿal" or “The Lord” can refer to any god and even to human officials. In some texts it is used for Hadad, a god of the rain, thunder, fertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven. Since only priests were allowed to utter his divine name, Hadad, Ba‛al was commonly used. Nevertheless, few if any Biblical uses of "Baʿal" refer to Hadad, the lord over the assembly of gods on the holy mount of Heaven; most refer to a variety of local spirit-deities worshipped as cult images, each called baʿal and regarded in the Hebrew Bible in that context as a "false god".

Etymology - Baʿal (bet-ayin-lamedh) is a Semitic word signifying "The Lord, master, owner (male), keeper, husband",

Now let us fully define the religion created in Babylon, the rituals, the gods, and the day of worship.  This is of extreme importance as Peter called Rome Babylon and Yahusha commanded we come out of her, Mystery Babylon the Great Whore that has deceived the entire planet by the time Yahusha returns.  As we define this abomination which is sun worship passed down from Babylon to Rome I am sure the false religion today will begin to show its true colors.


The point is that when searching for Truth concerning our origins and our ancient past, mythology is the means our ancestors used to communicate their realities in the same way we explain our realities through science today.

As medicine looks more closely at ancient remedies and is finding some modern answers, as archaeology is looking at the Bible and finding references that explain what it is finding in archeology ruins, as history itself is also taking a closer look at some ancient writings, so we also need to be very cautious about throwing out the old stories simply because they contain “mythological” elements. We need to know if there are truths underneath the mythological wrappings. We need to pay more attention to what our ancestors have passed down to us if we hope to discover the truth behind the origin of man.

With this in mind let us examine some of these “myths” especially as they relate to The Zodiac and try and discern the Truth in them and where mankind fell into idolatry.  Because as we have seen, Enoch was an eye-witness and told us the angelic realm perverted The Zodiac which according to David in Psalms was created by YHVH with a very important message to humanity!

That message contained in The Zodiac is… Original Revelation!

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