Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast
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Sunday worship of Ba'al "The LORD"
by Rav Sha'ul


The Mystery Religion of Babylon was the origin of Astrology, the worship of the planets in our solar system.  Each planet was worshipped as a “god” and given a specific day of the week:  Each of the days of the week beginning on Sunday (the first day) is called a "Day of John" whereas each of the days of the week is called a "tentyon", a simple transcription of the Greek ton theon which means The God.  So each day of the week is named after The God represented by the stellar object.  The hours and days are based not on YHVH’s Calendar found in the Bible, but pagan astrology and worship of planet:

Stellar Object → Day

Sun → Sunday

Moon → Monday

Mars → Tuesday

Mercury → Wednesday

Jupiter → Thursday

Venus → Friday

Saturn → Saturday

The pagan religions most “holy” worship day was the worship of the Sun on … Sunday. The reason why the Vatican has gone to a lot of trouble to convince everyone that our Messiah resurrected on “Sun-day” morning is because they want to assimilate him to the pagan god of the “Sun.” Satan needed to find a way to convince the true followers of Messiah to worship him (Satan) unawares, and so he has set aside a special day that represents “Nimrod” the god of the sun from the Tower of Babel. Nimrod was the first historical false Messiah who ruled his false One World Government and Religion about 2,275 years before the birth of the true Messiah Yahusha. He was the first historical Anti-Messiah whose name in Chaldean adds up to 666.  

In order to “justify” the worship of Baal the sungod on Sunday, the Biblical reckoning of time where days started and ended at sunset was changed to midnight to midnight.   Where the Bible declares that the early church met “early on the first day of the week” it was actually referring to just after sunset on Saturday night not Sunday morning that would have been “late on the first day” in Jerusalem at the time it was recorded in The Bible.  The early church was at home keeping The Sabbath with their families and once the sun set on the Sabbath (7th day) what we call Saturday night they then met at a central place together that evening after the sun set which was “early the first day of the week”.  The first day (Sunday) was a work day for them and “early the first day” or late Saturday night after the Sabbath ended was the ONLY time they had to gather together.  They had to go to work the next morning.  Being a work day no Jew was meeting together on what we call Sunday morning.  It wasn’t until Constantine changed The Sabbath to Sunday and gave everyone in his realm the day off that anyone could or would actually assemble on the first day.

Next the pagan doctrine of Isthar took hold and Good Friday/Easter Sunday was ordered by threat of death to be observed instead of Passover and The Feast of First Fruits. I will cover this in detail in this book series.

Sunday is nowhere to be found in The Bible it is derived from "Sol," the Roman God of the Sun." Their phrase for Sunday "Dies Solis" means "day of the Sun." The Christian saint Jerome (d. 420) commented, attempting to justify Sunday worship, "If it is called the day of the sun by the pagans, we willingly accept this name, for on this day the Light of the world arose, on this day the Sun of Justice shone forth."  Again none of that is commanded by YHVH he just made it up and “justified” breaking what IS commanded… The 7th Day Sabbath to keep himself from being killed in the inquisition.  Again, all of this is covered in great detail in this book series.  It is only my intention here to establish that “Sunday” was the Babylonian day of worship to the sungod The LORD Ba’al.

Next: Saturnalia i.e. Christmas worship of Ba'al


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