The Kingdom



Excerpt from

The Kingdom

Rav Sha'ul


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by Rav Sha'ul


The Bible is a text book to The Kingdom of YHVH and this kingdom is introduced slowly over time by YHVH as He established covenants with mankind.  As these covenants progress over time we learn more and more about His kingdom through physical to spiritual parallels.  So the first step in studying The Bible in order to understand The Kingdom of YHVH is to identify the covenants through which that kingdom was revealed.


What is a Covenant?

First we need to firmly comprehend what a covenant is and what every covenant contains.


1. General definition

an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified (in the terms and conditions).

2. Biblical definition

a. the conditional promises made to humanity by YHVH, as revealed in Scripture.

b. the agreement between YHVH and His people, through a signatory or chosen representative, in which YHVH promised to protect them if they kept His law (terms and conditions) and were faithful to Him.

We see above in 2.b that covenants are intimately connect with The Law of YHVH.  From the above definition we see that a covenant is the same today as it was then we just call them “agreements” today for the most part.  They are between two or more people to do or not to do something specified. 

The “something specified” is called today the Terms and Conditions of the agreement/covenant.  The “two or more persons” are called today the signatories to the agreement/covenant.  If the covenant was between YHVH and a group or nation of people, one person was chosen by YHVH to represent them as the signatory.  The covenant came to be known by the name of that chosen representative.  For example; Mosaic Covenant named after the signatory Moses who represented the Israelites.  The covenants in the Bible are known by the name of their chosen human representative (all but one, The Sabbath Covenant, as it was between YHVH and Creation and was made for man not with man). 
In The Bible, there are 7 covenants:

1.     The Sabbath Covenant – between YHVH and creation; it is YHVH’s stamp over His creation as The Creator

2.     The Edenic/Adamic Covenant – between YHVH and humanity, Adam the chosen signatory

3.     The Noahic Covenant – Renewed the Adamic Covenant, Noah the chosen signatory

4.     The Abrahamic Covenant – between YHVH and His chosen bloodline, Abraham the signatory

5.     The Mosaic Covenant – between YHVH and the sons of YHVH known as Israel, Moses the chosen signatory

6.     The Davidic Covenant – between YHVH and His chosen royal bloodline, David the signatory.

7.     The Yahushaic Covenant (The New Covenant) – between YHVH and His chosen REMNANT sons, Yahusha the signatory.


All Covenants are still active and valid

As I stated earlier there are very damaging lies we have been taught that cripple our ability to understand The Kingdom of YHVH.  Lie #6 is that we are under a totally “New Covenant” and all previous covenants are no longer valid.  We don’t really need much “wisdom” to overcome that lie.  Just a little common sense:

Does creation still exist in a fallen state and does death still reign (6,000 years we labor under the curse of Adam then a 1,000 rest)?  Do we still keep a 7 day week looking forward to entering into His Rest?  Yes.  The Sabbath Covenant is still in effect.

Is man still created in the image of YHVH and does humanity still have dominion over the Earth?  Yes.  The Edenic Covenant is still in effect.

Do men have to work for a living and women have pain in childbirth?  Do you still step on sticker weeds when you walk outside? Yes. The Adamic Covenant is still in effect.

Are there still Rainbows that grace the skies after a rain?  Yes. Has the Earth been destroyed by a flood since the flood of Noah? No.  The Noahic Covenant is still in effect.

Are the offspring of Abraham through Isaac and then Jacob still the chosen sons of YHVH and a blessing to all the Earth?  Yes.  The Abrahamic Covenant is still in effect.

Is Righteousness vs. sin still defined by The Law of YHVH? Yes.  The Mosaic Covenant is still in effect.

Does Yahusha sit on the Throne of David and is Jerusalem still the seat of government?  Yes.  The Davidic is still in effect. 

The facts above are very simplistic illustrations that all covenants are still in effect.  I will break each covenant down as it relates to the progressive revelation of The Kingdom of YHVH in this book to further illustrate in detail the importance of each covenant.


The Kingdom of YHVH progressively revealed in covenants

What we must understand at this point is that The Plan of YHVH was revealed to humanity through those 7 covenants.  It is in these 7 covenants that YHVH literally built and established His kingdom… The Kingdom of YHVH!  This process is called Progressive Revelation where YHVH progressively built on each of the previous covenants over time until He fully disclosed who He is, what His plan is, what His kingdom is, who His Messiah is, and what defines those chosen as His sons!  The Bible cannot be understood outside of this truth and the study of progressive revelation through covenants.

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