The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1



Excerpt from

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1
by Rav Sha'ul

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Time and Death
by Rav Sha'ul


When the Bible talks of such things such as being “caught up or down” those are figures of speech about a spiritual realm that has no “up or down or time”. Like the "hand of God" these are anthropomorphisms as Yahuah is Spirit and has no limbs. When you get off this planet there is no "up and down, left or right, north or south"... or ... "time" as we know it.

We are dealing here with very deep questions regarding the reality of time.  We must come to a firm understanding of the aspect of Creation called time to understand the following mysteries:

·        The Bible says "in the fullness of time" the Messiah came to offer the final sacrifice. How could that be, that was 2,000 years ago and would hardly qualify as "fullness" of time?

·        How can Yahusha be "the first fruits" from the grave when the graves opened up and gave up their dead when he died before he was resurrected? They then would be the first fruits right?

·        And how can there be multitudes before the throne of Yahuah prior to the first resurrection of the dead as Revelation reveals?

·        How can a person "burn in hell for eternity" when they are dead which is the absence of life (having suffered the second death)?

·        How can a person burn in hell for eternity when your physical body is destroyed by fire in one day (THE Day of Judgment)?

·        How can you burn in hell for eternity (implies eternal life) when eternal life (in any form) is the gift of Yahuah to His sons only?

We are dealing with the reality of "what death is" and the created aspect called "time".

Time is a created aspect of "His Creation". Time is a function of the speed of light and distance in space.  Yahuah stands outside of "time" and freely sees the entire "timeline" moving and existing outside of it in a dimension beyond our 3 dimensions and even beyond the 4th dimension we cannot see or interact with.

Death is likened unto "sleep" in the Bible.  Like sleep you have no concept of time. When you die it is like when you lay down to sleep and "seemingly wake up immediately" but hours have passed.  So death is within the concept of time. In other words, there is no consciousness between the point you cease to exist (death is the absence of life) and your resurrection.  To your consciousness no time passes between the time you die and the time you are resurrected.  It is immediate although within the realm of "linear time" thousands of years may have passed.  That is why the Bible says that to be "absent from this body is to be present with Yahuah".  You see, when you die you literally step outside of the timeline and are resurrected in the realm of the Spirit (true reality) immediately.  


Multi-dimensions and Multiple Universes

Steven Hawkins (the most intelligent man alive and possibly to have ever lived) further touches on this concept of a time travel, worm holes, multi-dimensional Universe with black holes, points of singularity, and gateways to the spiritual world found within black holes etc. 

Tears in time/space and gateways to the realm of the spirit

Hawkins postulates that these black holes are created from the implosion of massive stars collapsing in on them self into a single point in space which is infinitively small but has infinite gravity called the Point of Singularity.   Gravity usually being associated with mass and size, these points of singularity defy the Laws of Physics.

These points of singularity create a tear in the space/time continuum and open up a pathway to something outside of this Universe.  The gravitation pull of these points of singularity is so strong not even light can escape their grasp creating “black holes” in outer space to the human eye.  These points of singularity create such a gravitational pull that as physical matter comes close enough to the black hole the physical matter (such as other planets) is trapped and begins to orbit the black hole.  As it spirals around the black hole it eventually crosses the point where the gravitational pull is so strong light can no longer escape the object and it disappears from our view.  The distance from the Point of Singularity where light can no longer escape is called The Event Horizon of the Black Hole.  As the object crosses The Event Horizon the gravitation pull is so great the object increases in speed until it approaches the speed of light and the object then elongates and becomes pure energy a beam of light.  So all matter becomes pure energy or light as it approaches the Point of Singularity and crashes into that single point in space so small it cannot physically exist.  So what happens to all that energy?

What are stars and where to they get their energy?

That collapse of matter into a single point in space and the infinite gravity it creates rips a “hole” in space and time.  On the other side of that “hole” or Point of Singularity is another Universe.  In that universe there is a “star” as matter is pulled from this Universe by the Black Hole, converted to energy that fuels the star in another Universe which is on the other side of The Point of Singularity.  That star bursts into flames and spews out that energy on the other side into another Universe.  In other words, every star in our Universe derives its energy from a Black Hole in another Universe as matter is pulled, turned into energy, and spews out the other end as the stars we see in the heavens.  So all creation and multiple universes are interconnected and regenerate over time through the collapsing of stars.

Not quite sure how all that relates to my book but I just wrote and will leave it in just in case.  I might find use of it in my explanation of things.  That is about as far as I’m willing to go on this topic, it is a little too complicated for this book I just wanted to point out that if we are to govern Yahuah’s Creations the study of physics and theoretical physics would be a worthwhile endeavor.  I wanted to point out that multiple dimension even pathways to the spiritual realm are not outside of science but they are actually being postulated and proven in advanced scientific circles.

In this chapter I am going to explain some very difficult subject such as the resurrection, death, and Hell.  These realities are not simple “bed time stories” they are real within this very complex physical reality that we exist in.  I am going to employ what I know of physics to these concepts in the Bible and that endeavor is my “theoretical theology” and should be understood in that context.  I am not setting forth this information as Biblical Truths but as an explanation for things the Bible does not explain.

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