The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1



Excerpt from

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1
by Rav Sha'ul

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I embody the fullness of deity
by Rav Sha'ul


Do I embody the fullness of deity as Yahusha did? The next scripture that Trinitarians love to quote out of context is how Yahusha embodies the fullness of God to somehow make the quantum leap that Yahusha was Yahuah in the flesh.  I would like to point out; there is not one scripture in the entire Bible that says "Yahuah came to earth in the flesh and became a man, by the name Jesus Christ".  No not one.  Not even one that comes close.  Every scripture Trinitarians point to... says nothing of the sort, nor do these verses apply exclusively to Yahusha but rather all the sons of Yahuah. 

Below is the scripture used to make the quantum leap that Yahusha was Yahuah in the flesh.  Because Yahusha embodied the fullness of deity doesn't mean he is Yahuah it means he had been born again and filled with the Spirit of Yahuah to the fullest measure.  We even know this; in the Gospels where Yahusha was baptized and the Spirit of Yahuah descended upon him (the dove was a physical to spiritual metaphor).  Below is the sound bit used by Christian Trinitarians:

Colossians 2:9

For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form (Yahusha was full of the Spirit of Yahuah).

Ok, let us now tell the whole story here.  Yes, Yahusha did embody the fullness of deity in human form as he was the perfect human image of the invisible God.  I am not here to debate or deny that.  What I am here to do is to show that in the same exact way, we too have the potential to achieve the fullness of deity:

Ephesians 3:19

19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled (in bodily form) to the measure of all the fullness of God (which is the Spirit of Yahuah).

So, the same writer in the NT that said Yahusha embodied the fullness of deity also said that the unbelievable knowledge of the love of Yahuah is that WE TOO can be filled with the full measure of deity.  Now, I don't take anything out of context so let me do what Trinitarians do not, and explain in context. I want to be sure that I make my position clear on this.  After resurrection, Yahusha is completely deity (elohim) and in no way is he now human. Yahusha is the literal son of Yahuah (a god) but he still is not Yahuah.  Yahuah too is Elohim (God).  Elohim is a designation of "God" as opposed to human.  Yahusha and Yahuah are the personal names referring to the individual deities as family members of Elohim, Father and now Son.  But while on earth before resurrection Yahusha was, as are we, "elohim potentials" and 100% human or “fully human in every way” Hebrews 2:5-18.  We are filled with the Spirit of Yahuah as a guarantee that we will be begotten (resurrected) fully into the family of Yahuah as elohim (gods).

Here is my point.  The verse in Colossians 2:9 is saying that (for the first time in history) a human man has been perfected

Hebrews 5:8-9 NKJV

8 though Yahusha was a Son, yet he learned obedience (to Yahuah) by the things which he suffered. 9 And having been perfected, Yahusha became the author (father) of everlasting life (i.e. Everlasting Father Isaiah 9:6) to all who obey Him (Yahuah),

and the total fullness of the Spirit of Yahuah dwelt in his body.  This is why all the sons of God are "destined" to be conformed to the image of Yahusha.  We too are being filled with the Spirit of Yahuah striving to achieve that same exact perfection as the Messiah by following his righteous example.  Paul cleanly points this very concept out in Ephesians on several occasions. 

First let's look at chapter 1 verses 18-23.  Paul is praying that ALL SONS of Yahuah come to know the same strength and power of Yahuah that existed in Yahusha.  In verses 22 and 23 below Paul brings this important revelation out by clearly stating that "we" the sons of Yahuah are the "body" of the Messiah.  And we, as this body, are the "fullness of Him (Yahuah) who fills everything” i.e. the fullness of deity in bodily form:

Ephesians 1:18-23

18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which Yahuah has called you, the riches of Yahuah’s glorious inheritance in His holy people, 19 and Yahuah’s incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength 20 Yahuah exerted when He raised Yahusha from the dead and seated Yahusha at His right hand in the heavenly realms, 21 far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. 22 And Yahuah placed all things under Yahusha’s feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the assembly, 23 which (the assembly of believers) is Yahuah’s body (His Temple), (and the assembly of believers are) the fullness of Yahuah who fills everything in every way.

Now, again later in Chapter 3, Paul again prays that we (the sons of Yahuah) are conformed to the same image of the Messiah and that we too achieve the "fullness of Deity in bodily form"...

Ephesians 3:19

19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Yahusha was not Yahuah in the flesh, nor was he half man half god.  He was the human messiah who was the first to be filled to the fullness of the measure of Yahuah through His Spirit.  In doing so, Yahusha became the PERFECT IMAGE (not Yahuah, but the "image" of Yahuah) in human form while on earth.  All men are created in the image of God, but Yahusha was the PERFECT human image of the INVISIBLE God…

Colossians 1:

13 Who (Yahuah) hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath transposed us into the kingdom of His dear (firstborn) Son (Yahusha): 14 In whom (Yahusha) we have redemption (to Yahuah) through his (Yahusha’s) blood (that consummated the marriage covenant, we become ‘one with Yahuah’ as Yahusha was), even the forgiveness of sins (the decrees in The Law for transgressing Yahuah’s commands are covered by the blood of the lamb): 15 Who (Yahusha) is the (perfect human) image of the invisible God (the proxy of Yahuah), the firstborn (Feast of First Fruits) of every (eternal) creature.

Genesis 1:27

So Yahuah created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them

We see below that Yahusha considered it robbing Yahuah of His Glory to even imply that Yahusha was equal to Yahuah.  Yahusha could not even conceive of such a concept:

Philippians 2:5-6

5 Let this mind (Spirit of Holiness) be in you, which was also in Messiah Yahusha: 6 who, being in the form (Spiritual Image or human proxy) of Yahuah (NOT Yahuah Himself), thought it not (nothing short of) robbery to be equal with Yahuah?

In the scripture above it is stated as a rhetorical question as Yahusha thought equality with Yahuah was nothing short of robbing Yahuah of His Glory.  Here is another translation of this same verse:

Philippians 2:5-6 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

5 Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Messiah Yahusha, 6 who, although he existed in the form (image) of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped,

We have to be very careful with the Hellenized even paganized mistranslated version of our modern Bibles.  Some translations read as follows:

Philippians 2:5-6New King James Version (NKJV)

5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Yahusha the Messiah,  6 who, being in the form (image) of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God,

The above translation is a GROSS mistranslation of that verse.  The glory of Yahusha is that he “reflects the glory of Yahuah” as his proxy or “image” and, as an image or reflection, the glory of Yahuah shines off of Yahusha on to us.

2 Corinthians 4:4

4 whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Messiah, who is the image of Yahuah, should shine on them.

Yahusha fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah:

Isaiah 42:1

"Here is my servant (proxy), whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to the nations.

An "image" is not the actual subject.  It is a likeness of, a picture of, something that stands in place of... Yahusha was Yahuah's human proxy, the human image of Yahuah the first to be perfected in Holiness in accordance to obedience to Yahuah's will, commandments, and appointed times/feasts/solemn assemblies.  He is THE TRUE WAY, the example that we are to follow as we too keep Yahuah's will, commandments, and appointed times/feasts/solemn assemblies.  Yahuah gave us instructions on how to be His sons, Yahusha lived those instructions and we are to follow that example.  We too are to be filled with all the fullness of deity! But that doesn't make us Yahuah or part of any pagan Trinity; it makes us sons of Yahuah our Father.  I am going to demonstrate later in this chapter that the witnesses of Yahuah which prove Yahusha was His son are: water, blood, and spirit.  I am going to prove these witnesses of Yahuah apply to all His sons as well.

Next: Yahusha grew in the knowledge of Yahuah


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