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Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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The Messianic Expectation at the time of Yahusha’s birth
by Rav Sha'ul


First it is important to understand the time in which Yahusha was born into this world. The atmosphere that existed 2,000 years ago in Israel was one of heightened messianic expectations. The Jews (House of Judah) had been miraculously released from Persian captivity by the Persian King Cyrus. Cyrus gave the command for the Jews (as prophesied) to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of YHVH in preparation for the coming Messiah at the beckoning of the prophet Daniel. Cyrus did not want to face the same fate of Nebuchadnezzar! The prophet Daniel even laid out the place, time, and manner of the Messiah’s birth from the date Cyrus gave the command to rebuild Jerusalem and The Temple. That timeline had arrived in Israel for The Messiah to be born and it was foretold to be at the time of Yahusha’s birth. Simply put: The time was at hand for the coming of the Messiah and everyone knew it! Both those seeking The Messiah and those seeking to destroy him.

Knowing all of this, the right-wing (Torah faithful) Jewish Zealots of the North Region of Galilee, the Davidian Zealots (those preserving the line of David), and the High Priest Yahusha III (the heir to the House of Zadok) were all carefully cultivating the bloodlines in preparation for the birth of the Messiah. King Herod was aware of these efforts. As a result, tensions were building between these factions and King Herod because this coming Messiah or King of Israel was a direct threat to the Roman backed King Herod's throne.

King Herod in response to this heightened state of urgency in Israel of the coming Messiah, responded by ordering the full implementation of his “pogroms” designed to eliminate all the descendents of the Davidian Dynasty. These descendents were called the “lions of Judah” and considered Princes of Israel. These pogroms were also used to eliminate the Maccabeans (who ruled Judea before Herod), and even the Zadokite priestly line (Zadok Priests). Herod was taking NO chances. This was a very chaotic time in Israel’s history as the Romans had defeated the Persians and the favor of the Jews to dwell in the land safely and rebuild Jerusalem and The Temple had faded under Roman control. The Throne of Herod was anything but secure.

This Messianic, Davidic, and Macacabean opposition to King Herod in Israel is the context within which Yahusha was born. Now it becomes clear why King Herod ordered the execution of all male children under two. The time was ripe for the Messiah and the bloodlines were being cultivated to bring him into the world. Herod first attempted to selectively kill the lions of Judah and the Zadokite priests, but when he found out The King had been born he panicked and in desperation killed EVERY child regardless of bloodline under two years old… including his own sons.

With this historical context in mind let us now examine the lineage of Yahusha the Messiah through Princess Miriam (Mary) and Prince Yahseph (Joseph). The parents of Yahusha who were the two chosen in an arranged marriage to produce The Messiah according to royal and priestly bloodlines.

Miriam's royal lineage



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