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Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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Overview of The Zadok Priesthood
by Rav Sha'ul


Before we investigate the heritage of The Messiah and his lineage coming from The House of Zadok (the High Priest to King David) we must first have a basic knowledge of the priesthood that was established in Zadok.

Zadok (Hebrew: Tzadok צדוק, meaning "Righteous") was a priest descended from Eleazar the son of Aaron which is the anointed line from which all High Priests must descend. The High Priest Zadok aided King David during the revolt of his son Absalom, and was instrumental in bringing King Solomon to the throne. After Solomon had the The First Temple in Jerusalem constructed, Zadok was the first High Priest to serve in The Temple of Solomon. Those of the line of Zadok are called Zadokites or Zadok Priests and are the only ones qualified to serve in the office of High Priest over Israel. This is paramount because if Yahusha was to be The Eternal High Priest, if Yahusha was to be qualified to offer the final sacrifice of The Passover Lamb... he must have been from The House of Zadok! If he was not, he is not... The Messiah.

The Zadok Priesthood established itself in the time that King David fought against the revolt of his son Absalom. Zadok was a Levite High Priest having descended down from Aaron through Eleazar. Only descendants of Aaron through Eleazar could be High Priests. The entire tribe of Levi were Temple Priests not all could be High Priests. As the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate, Zadokites were "to be as one in following the Law and (sharing) wealth and reconciling (based on) the mouth of the sons of Zadok the keepers of the covenant.” You can learn more about the line of priests descending from Zadok here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zadok

The Hebrew Bible records how before his death, Aaron was accompanied by his brother Moses and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar. Upon entry to the cave where he was to die, Aaron saw his brother Moses dress his elder son Eleazer with the garments of the high priest. Moses annointed Eleazar the successor to Aaron as High Priest of Israel. Jewish commentaries on the Bible say that this initiation ceremony served as the catalyst for the stipulation that all future candidates of high priesthood be patrilineal descendants of Eleazar the elder son of Aaron and not Ithamar, the younger son. This is the line that flows through Zadok the High Priest who served David and Solomon. This is the blood lineage that flowed through the veins of both John the Baptist and Yahusha the Messiah.

Zadok was a patrilineal descendant of Eleazar the son of Aaron the high priest. (2 Samuel 8:17; 1 Chronicles 24:3). The lineage of Zadok is presented in the genealogy of Ezra (his descendant) as being of ninth generation and direct patrilineal descent from Phineas the son of Eleazar; Ezra 7:1, see 1 Chronicles 5:30 where he is placed ninth in descent from Phineas.

Ezra 7:1-4

...Zadok, The son of Ahitub, son of Amaryah, son of Azaryah, son of Mirayoth, son of Zerachyah, son of Uzzi, son of Bukki, son of Avishua, son of Phineas

Similarly, the Hebrew Bible relates how, at the time Phineas son of Eleazar appeased God's anger, he merited the divine blessing of God:

Book of Numbers 25:13

Phineas the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest. Behold I give to him my covenant of peace, and will be his, and his progeny after him, (a) covenant of everlasting priesthood in turn of his zealousness for his God, and he atoned for the sons of Israel

This is extremely important when tracing the right of Yahusha to be the Eternal High Priest. Yahusha must have come from the lineage of Zadok which is the bloodline of High Priest prepared for him and to which is entrusted the “Covenant of Peace, Covenant of Eternal High Priest, and the right to atone for sin” as defined in Numbers 25:13 above. If Yahusha cannot be proven to be a Zadokite High Priest, then he cannot mediate the "New Covenant of Peace", he cannot serve as Eternal High Priest, and he has no authority to be the sin offering and atone for humanity.

It is the convergence of the bloodline of David through Solomon and The House of Zadok that resulted in the “Ruling Zadok” or Melchizedek.

When looking back at the history of the Zadok High Priests we find:

·        The High Priest to King David and King Solomon was Zadok

·        The first High Priest in The Temple of Solomon was Zadok

·        The last High Priest to serve in The Temple of Solomon was Jehozadak (Yahuah Zadok)

·        The first High Priest in The Temple of Herod was Yahusha III from The House of Zadok

·        The High Priest at the time Yahusha was born was Yahusha ben Sie or Yahusha V from The House of Zadok

·        The Eternal High Priest Yahusha the Messiah is from The House of Zadok

Are we beginning to see a "pattern" here? From the time of Yahusha's birth forward, the High Priesthood of Israel becomes totally corrupt. After the death of Yahusha III at the hands of Herod, YHVH chose and anointed as High Priest John the Baptist the first male heir to the High Priest Yahusha III. John then anointed Yahusha the Messiah as the Eternal High Priest, the next heir after John to Yahusha III.

From that point on, the Temple High Priesthood was literally purchased from Rome by aspiring High Priests and then ultimately the High Priests were not even chosen for their bloodline but by casting lots. In 70 AD the Temple of Herod was completely corrupted and the High Priest Phannias ben Samuel serving at that time was not even of the bloodline of Levi much less Aaron, and Zadok. When you realize how corrupt that temple had become, the questioned isn't "how could YHVH allow its destructions" but rather "what took so long?" We see from Jewish History the state of the Priesthood at the time the Temple was destroyed.

Phannias ben Samuel (in Hebrew: פנחס בן שמואל Pinhas ben Shmuel) (c. 70 CE) was the last Jewish High Priest. He did not originate from a priestly family but was a Zealot and the leader of revolutionary forces. He died during the destruction of Herod's Temple in 70 CE. In order to see how far their power extended, the Zealots

...undertook to dispose of the high priesthood by casting lots for it, whereas, as we have said already, it was to descend by succession in a family. The pretense they made for this strange attempt was an ancient practice, while they said that of old it was determined by lot; but in truth, it was no better than a dissolution of an undeniable law, and a cunning contrivance to seize upon the government, derived from those that presumed to appoint governors as they themselves pleased. Hereupon they sent for one of the pontifical tribes, which is called Eniachim, and cast lots which of it should be the high priest. By fortune the lot so fell as to demonstrate their iniquity after the plainest manner, for it fell upon one whose name was Phannias, the son of Samuel, of the village Aphtha. He was a man not only unworthy of the high priesthood, but that did not well know what the high priesthood was, such a mere rustic was he! Yet did they hail this man, without his own consent, out of the country, as if they were acting a play upon the stage, and adorned him with a counterfeit thee; they also put upon him the sacred garments, and upon every occasion instructed him what he was

The reason for the total desecration of the High Priesthood in Israel after Yahusha took the position as Melchizedek is that the role was eternally spoken for. Yahusha was the last true High Priest. From that point forward the priesthood collapsed and after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, it has never existed again as it has been transposed to the Spirit in the Yahushaic Covenant. This is one of the topics of my book The Yahushaic Covenant.

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