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Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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The Zadok Priesthood and The Royal Davidian Dynasty
by Rav Sha'ul



In this chapter we are going to explore the authority Yahusha embodied to rule all of Israel as King and as High Priest. Most of us have always assumed Yahusha’s qualifications are based on YHVH’s choice alone. Being raised “Christian” we have been taught to believe that The Holy Spirit implanted the seed of YHVH into Miriam and she gave birth to “YHVH in the flesh” who then became a demi-god (half man / half God) as YHVH Himself “played” the role of “Messiah”. Both of these “basis” for Yahusha’s claim to be The Messiah are simply not true. In this chapter, we are going to establish Yahusha’s claim as Messiah based on Torah standards alone by lineage or bloodlines.

Given the emphasis YHVH placed on the bloodline required to be High Priest descending from Aaron through The House of Zadok and to be King descending from the bloodline of David; shouldn’t we have expected Yahusha to be a unique blend of both bloodlines? Shouldn’t we have expected:

·        a unique coming together of bloodlines in one man to occur at the prophesied time in history (according to Daniel’s 70 week prophecy) to produce The Messiah of Israel?

·        In that case, wouldn't those in Israel know this and be actively cultivating the Zadaokite and Davidian bloodlines?

·        And why is Yahusha called Melchizedek, what does that actually mean?

·        What is the real reason King Herod killed his own children in a panic to kill the coming King of Israel?

·        Lastly, why was the High Priest Chiapas so apposed to Yahusha if Yahusha were really The Messiah as to seek to kill Yahusha? Why didn’t Chiapas, as High Priest, seek out Yahusha to anoint him King?

·        What about Miriam? Shouldn’t she have been some kind of “Princess of Israel” or royalty to give birth to the Messiah?

·        What about Yahseph? Shouldn’t he too have been a young “Lion of Judah” a Prince of Israel being a direct descendent of David to have fathered the Messiah?

I mean, given the degree two which both the priesthood and royal lines were treated in expectation of the coming Messiah, I would never have expected the Messiah to be born to two completely unqualified “nobodies” living in obscurity in Israel as we are led to believe! I would rather have expected to find that Mary (Miriam) was a Princess and Joseph (Yahseph) was a young “Lion of Judah” of the Davidian Dynasty and that their marriage was carefully “arranged” to potentially produce The Messiah according to blood lineage!

We will discover in this chapter that Yahusha was indeed the unique combination of both bloodlines coming together at the prophesied time making him… Melchizedek or Ruling Zadok. “Melchi” means ruler or King and Zadok (zedek) means righteous priest. We are going to explore the Zadok Priesthood from which Yahusha descends and his royal heritage through both lines of his parents Miriam and Yahseph. We are going to come to a clear understanding of exactly “who” Yahusha was by blood. We are going to learn what right Yahusha has to the throne of David and to claim to be The Eternal High Priest of Israel qualified to make the final Passover Sacrifice.

In this chapter we are going to investigate the following:

·        Overview of The Zadok Priesthood

·        The Messianic Expectation at the time of Yahusha’s birth

·        Why King Herod wanted to kill Yahusha

·        The Royal and Priestly Line of Miriam

·        Miriam’s Zadokite heritage

·        The arranged marriages of the 3 daughters of High Priest Yahusha III

·        JoAnna and Hanna’s eligibility by law to give birth to Princes and Princesses

·        Eli the father of Miriam and Grandfather of Yahusha

·        Princess Miriam’s childhood

·        Daughters of Jerusalem

·        “Why” Caiphas wanted to kill Yahusha

·        Yahusha’s lineage to the House of Zadok

·        Miriam’s lineage on her father Eli’s side

·        Yahusha a theme among the names of the High Priest of Israel

·        Prince Mattathias and Princess Alexandra II - The Paternal Grandparents of the Maiden, Miriam the mother of Yahusha

When we are done we will have a totally new “view” of the man who was The Messiah and why he was executed.

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