The Kingdom



Excerpt from

The Kingdom

Rav Sha'ul


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The Citizens of The Kingdom of YHVH
by Rav Sha'ul



In this chapter we are going to take a very clear look at exactly “who” inhabits The Kingdom of YHVH.  Is it anyone who simply utters the name “Jesus Christ”?  That is what we are taught is all that is required to go to “heaven” by the false religion of Christianity.   Just accept “Jesus” into your heart and you are saved; so they say.  The reality is that “accepting Jesus into your heart” means seating the image of the false messiah on the throne as God and by keeping Easter over Passover slaughtering the abominable pig on The Altar of YHVH.  Doing such a thing is a death sentence. That is committing The Abomination of Desolation as I demonstrate in Chapter 14 of this book.

So then, who are the “citizens of The Kingdom of YHVH”?  Well, they are the chosen sons of YHVH taken from among The House of Israel and from among The House of Judah.  They are those who:

·       Have been chosen from the bloodline of Israel called Remnant Israel

·       Raise the standard of His Kingdom, the Sign of the Sabbath

·       Have the protective Seal of YHVH between their eyes

·       Have been delivered from The Law of Sin and Death in covenant with Yahusha and now live according to The Law of the Spirit of Life

·       Have had their bodies transposed from physical to spiritual and have been given eternal life and a place within The Kingdom of YHVH to govern the Universe

In short, they are those who have followed THE WAY or example set by Yahusha their King and elder brother and they have been Signed/Sealed/Delivered into His Kingdom. 

In the previous chapters of this book we have demonstrated that only those who keep The Sabbath enter His Kingdom.  We have demonstrated that only those who have the mark i.e. The Seal of YHVH enter His Kingdom. In this chapter I want to clearly define Remnant Israel and demonstrate that remnant is chosen from within the bloodline of Abraham that runs through Isaac and then Jacob exclusively

When speaking of Yahuah’s Chosen Elect, Paul referred to them as Remnant Israel.  We must have a solid understanding of exactly “who” are the Chosen sons of Yahuah who receive His inheritance.  We are going to look at exactly who these Chosen sons are and what YHVH gives to these sons as “gifts”.

Spiritual Israel is a subset of the physical descendants of Jacob (who was renamed Israel) called Remnant Israel Remnant Israel are those descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob who are so chosen by YHVH and know His Name, have a heart for His Law (written on their hearts), who accept the sacrifice made by Yahusha as The Passover Lamb.  In short they are Signed, Sealed, and Delivered into The Kingdom of YHVH.


YHVH’s Plan to fulfill His Promises to Abraham

Before we can truly understand who Remnant Israel will be we need at least a basic understanding of both The Abrahamic Covenant and The Plan of YHVH to fulfill it.  Once we have a firm grasp on this plan of YHVH’s to bring about the blessings of Abraham we can begin to shed light on The Apostle Paul’s mission to take the gospel to the “Gentiles”.  

The Apostle Paul’s claim that he was tasked to take the gospel to the Gentiles landed him in direct conflict with the other disciples and the Pharisees of his time.  The other disciples and the Pharisees knew that YHVH’s explicit revelation was that only those from the bloodline of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob were to be chosen as sons of YHVH.  The way the Christian Church teaches Paul’s mission also puts Paul in direct conflict with YHVH’s prophets and Yahusha’s Great Commission.  

If the Christian Church’s Pauline Doctrine is correct, then Paul is a false teacher and he contradicted every aspect of The Plan of YHVH for His sons.  Paul struggled with this accusation when faced with the Jews of his day and the other disciples.  They all know YHVH’s sons would descend exclusively from the bloodline of Jacob (Israel).  In the end, however, Paul was able to convince the Jews of his day and the disciples that he was not a false teacher and was in fact called to “the Gentiles”.  How did Paul convinced them?  This chapter is going to show you exactly how Paul changed their minds and prove that Paul was indeed called to “the Gentiles”.

In this chapter I am going

·       to prove that The Apostle Paul was unique among the disciples in his understanding of The Plan of YHVH

·       to prove that Paul was in fact uniquely qualified to do exactly as Yahusha commanded and “reclaim The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” who were lost among the Gentile nations. 

·       demonstrate that Paul knew exactly what he was doing and how Paul recognized The Lost House of Israel among the pagan societies they lived in obedience to Yahusha’s command

·       show that Paul clearly taught that Remnant Israel was a small remnant taken exclusively from among The House of Israel and The House of Judah.

First we must establish the history and prophetic words of YHVH concerning The Nation of Israel.  Paul addresses these prophecies directly and used them to justify his actions.  If we are to understand Paul’s writing we too must have an understanding of the prophecies he referenced to support his writings.

Next: The History of the Nation of Israel



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